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Interesting facts about Grey cute wolf

by Eric

Wolves are known for their strong bond with their family; even they can sacrifice themselves to protect their family. Wolves live in packs; a pack is depending on seven to eight members, mom, dad, and offspring. There are so many facts to know about wolves. Wolves prey in a group, raise their young together and protect their area. Wolves can communicate more than howls, they can bark, yell, growl to communicate with each other. The sense of smell of a wolf is 100 times stronger than humans. Another way of communication of wolves is; they can communicate through their body. One source of the smell is urine, which they use to save their area and they also recognize the nearest wolf through urine smell. There are two types of widely recognize species of wolves are; Red wolf and Grey cute wolf.

Gray wolf is the cute wolf on the earth. Wild Arctic grey wolf (Canis Lupus Actors) lives in the Arctic. This territory is located above 67° north latitude. The grey wolf is also known as the Timber wolf in North America and the white wolf in the Arctic. So let’s explore some interesting facts about Grey wolf.

Facts about Grey wolf:

  • Communications & howling voice  

Communication skills; Grey wolf not only howls for his communication, but he also bark, yells, uses his body signs and body smell. When a wolf bends his head down and his tail seems under the legs then is afraid of an animal that is more powerful than him. He uses his urine smell to inform the pack members that actually where he is. The howls are used to summon another pack of wolves for help when they feel in danger. When a pack howl it can be heard from 10 miles away. Every pack of wolves has its own howl voice, which they use to indicate the other wolves from danger. Wolves howl more when the moon is full & bright. Read more about American Akita Dog Breeds

  • How do they play & brawl?

Grey wolf is very attractive in his look, that’s why we called him a cute wolf. When he is in good mood and want to play with his siblings and friend wolves they have a method of playing. And the playing method of Grey wolf is; he bends his head down and his butt and beautiful tail stay up in the air.

When the wolf goes angry, he may starch his forehead, shows its fangs, and wrinkle his forehead. And when Grey wolf brawl with his sibling (also gray wolves) they can harm very badly each other.

  • How do grey wolf families live and care for his pack?

The little wolves live in their parent’s pack for at least two years until they are able to join another pack and can start their own pack. The kids of wolf called pups, and the pups stay very near to their parents. As we know every animal kids look very charming when they play games, similarly when pups play the kids of the cute wolf (grey wolf) they also look very attractive and beautiful. They play hide & seek, jump, bounce, howl, and many more.

The pack members really care about each other, the parents and the elder sibling of pups really take care of their little pups. New wolf couples produce on a litter of new pups every year. The elder siblings of the wolf also cherish little pups and find food for them. In some regions, Grey cute wolves are classified to be endangered, but in some areas, they seem to have a vast a healthy population.

  • Love life

When a wolf falls in love with a female wolf they live together and never give up on each other even if the situation is worse or good, through illness or health, just death can apart them. This is a cute example of love that an animal represents to us.

  • Length & speed

An average length of a grey female wolf starts from 4.5 to 6 feet from nose to tail. The male wolf can reach up to 6.5 feet in length. That’s the reason why they run very fast at the speed of 36 to 38 miles per hour for a short distance. When this cute wolf feels relaxed and they are not chasing, he runs calmly about 5mph.

  • Average life, weight, and food

The average life of a wolf is 13 to 16 years in wild up. The average weight for female grey wolves is 27 to 36KG and the male wolf weight is 30 to 50KG. This cute wolf is a beast animal, he hunts for his survival and when they hunt in a pack they can prey on huge animals such as deer, goat, elk, moose, and many more. Wolf also eats smaller animals such as lizards, birds, fishes; snakes, and also eat fruits.

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