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What is Cognitive Science and Trends in Cognitive Science?

by Eric

What is Cognitive Science?

It is the study of thoughts but it is different from psychology. Cognitive science is the interdisciplinary investigation of mind and intelligence. It is a study that tells how our mind works, functions, and behaves. It is a scientific field of study. It needs applying to various existing disciplines such as Philosophy, Neuroscience, or Artificial intelligence in order to apprise how the brain makes a decision and does a task. This study tries to understand human brain intelligence and its behaviors. It can help humans in several ways for instance developing educational programs or making smarter pieces of equipment or devices.

It is a study of the mind, it includes its structure and everything it does. It includes many research sciences, such as;

  • Education = it is a study of how people learn and pick things
  • Philosophy = it is the study of knowledge, reality, and a study of the existence of abstract things
  • Artificial Intelligence = It is a study of thinking machines and systems
  • Psychology = It is a study of mind and behaviors
  • Neuroscience = It is the study of Nervous System
  • Linguistics = it is the study of languages
  • Anthropology = It is a general study of human culture and society

Scientists are trying to get more approaches on human mind intricacies. They are giving attention to every discipline and bias of the human brain.

Past Page of Cognitive Science

From the beginning human always tried to understand their mind. The primitive writers spoke about wisdom, foolishness, and the wonder of thought. The primitive Biblical authors spoke about both wise as well as clever, including various facets of education, Psychology, Philosophy, and anthropology. The primitive Greek thinkers Plato and Aristotle tried to elucidate how human knowledge works, speaking of the mind and its functions. Read more about Great Ideas to Keep Growing Your Knowledge.

As we know the science of Psychology developed in the 1800s. Especially experimental psychology was common among human beings. In this study, they absorb the human behavior and they absorb how and why humans do things at different times. Basically in psychology, they illustrate about vary the human point of view about various things.

In the 1900s in the field of cognitive science, early scientists start projecting the idea that there is much more to the human mind than merely programmed responses. Scientists start to get more interest in human mind they are now more beware about the complexity of the operations that go on in the human mind.

The Neural network that was developed in the 1980s and 1990s is a path of nerve signals that produce and support thinking operations in the mind. After the development of the neural network, the complexity of the physical structure of the brain grew clearer. Every day humans learn new behavior and they apply it to their life on a daily basis.

Trends in Cognitive Science

Now I will enlighten you about the trends in cognitive science. These trends are recent trends and the trends are as follow;

Trends in cognitive science; (TiCS) is a monthly peer-reviewed review journal published by “Cell Press”

It is one of the 14th journals in the trend series

As of 2016, its editor is Lindsey Dryden

Journal Citation Reports (Thomson Reuters) lists in 2016 impact factor at 15.402.

These were the trends in cognitive science. I pretty much hope full that I made a fist and you guys will understand fully cognitive science after reading this blog. Above I enlighten you about the past page mean a history of this science as well as I try to elucidate the definition and certainly it will help to understand vary the meaning of various fields of science.

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