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Why a Converted Shuttle Van is Good for You and Your Family

by Eric

At some point, many were enamored with the idea of downsizing and living in small – if not tiny – houses, for various reasons ranging from trying to save money to be more eco-friendly. Some people turned to companies that specialized in building small (between 400 and 1,000 square feet) and tiny houses (less than 400 square feet). Others took matters into their own hands and either built the houses themselves or converted shipping containers, old refrigerated trucks, and other similar structures.

If you’re considering taking part in this movement, try looking for shuttle vans for sale. It’s not that different from a school bus, which is a favorite of DIY tiny house builders, and it offers several benefits for you and your family. Here’s a quick look at those benefits. Read more about Vandergriff Chevy.

It’s More Mobile:

Shipping containers and the like that have been turned into small and tiny homes can be hooked up to a pickup truck or some other vehicle and then towed. However, a converted shuttle bus can already be driven around, making it a much more mobile home. This is especially beneficial for your family if you like cross-country road trips but want to make sure your kids can fall asleep in the same bed night after night.

It Lets You Rethink Your Priorities:

When you transition from a big home to one that’s just 1000 square feet or less, you and your family will have to think long and hard about what you need to bring with you versus what you want to bring – especially if the move ends up being permanent. This means you’ll each be re-evaluating what you already own, what you currently prioritize, and what you feel you should be prioritizing.

You Can Save Money:

The shift in priorities usually leads to a family being able to save a little more each month. For example, your children will start finding other ways to entertain themselves, and that means you won’t have to buy a lot of toys. Or you start valuing home-cooked meals more, so you end up eating out less.

You’ll also start saving thanks to becoming more self-sufficient and because the converted shuttle bus won’t cost as much to maintain. For instance, since you’ll be using renewable energy to power your appliances, you won’t have to use energy from the grid.

New Opportunities Present Themselves:

When you live in a small mobile home, there’s no shortage of opportunities for new experiences, from being able to visit a city you’ve been wanting to go to, to experiencing more nature than you would have in a more conventional home setting. It’ll be easier for you and your family to head somewhere on a whim, instead of having to wait and plan the trip more thoroughly.

You Can Experience Luxury

If you already have a converted shuttle van, you may have to spend a little more to update the furnishings so they reflect what you and your family needs. However, because you don’t need a lot of materials, you’ll be able to afford certain products that will make your small house even a little more luxurious.

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