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Tesla wall connector vs mobile connector

by Eric


Tesla wall connector and mobile connector both have their own importance, as this wall connector is installed on the wall of your home to provide you with 24/7 convenience and on the other hand, mobile connector is portable as it allows you to charge your devices even when you are not at home. These both connectors are useful and can be used at the same time, but if you want to choose the one, then you have to throw light on the following factors, which can help you to understand the concept of Tesla wall connector vs mobile connector:

  • The buyer is the most important factor in choosing one of these, as necessary is the mother of invention. If the buyer lives at home and doesn’t usually plan to go out, the Tesla Wall Connector is more suitable. Similarly, if he is fond of going places, the mobile connector would be the right choice.
  •  Charging requirements are another important factor, which can help in choosing the right connector. If the buyer needs fast charging, the Tesla wall connector is better than the mobile connector.
  • The difference in rates for both connectors is 25%. The 25% difference is that the mobile connector charges 32A max while the wall connector charges 40A max.
  • Power sharing feature enable you to charge more than 2 devices or vehicles at the same time and hence, the power is distributed between the EVs uniformly, without affecting the speed of charging. 
  • Besides this, these facilities are somehow limited, as the vehicles cannot be charged after travelling 50 to 100 miles, as the connector is fixed inside the garage or your home. In such a case, you should use a mobile connector, so that you can charge your vehicle wherever you want at any time. 
  • If you are planning to have more than one Tesla wall connector in the future because of it’s amazing power sharing feature, the Tesla wall connector would be a better choice than the mobile connector.

Features of Tesla wall connector and mobile connector

Different circuit breakers are fixed in these connectors, which provide you with various features and can be measured in the terms of (amps), and these connectors may provide different speed outputs, usually operated at 240 volts. These connectors are available in different models like model S, model 3, model X and model Y, etc. 

Mobile connector can allow the user to travel up to 23 km/h, having charge speed with standard 15A outlet, while the Tesla wall connector enable the user to travel up to 75 km/h with the charge speed of 3 phases alongwith 16A breaker. Mobile connector can cover 6m cable length, while on the other hand the Tesla wall connector can cover 73m cable length. These features are also explaining Tesla wall connector vs mobile connector, to make your thoughts clear about choosing one of these connectors. You can simply compare these connectors by checking the reviews of public about these connectors and can seek guidance from an expert. 

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