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Top 4 Home Wireless Broadband Plans for Working from Home

by Eric

In these modern times, many people are already provided with the opportunity to work from the comfort of their homes. However, this entails a stable and reliable internet connection to ensure productivity and efficiency comparable to an office setup. This article lists down some of the top home wireless broadband plans that will prove to be suitable in fostering your work-from-home set up in case a fixed line is not yet available in your area.

SpinTel: Wireless Broadband 500GB:

SpinTel also offers a home wireless broadband plan that comes with 500GB of data. When you opt for this plan, you will only be charged $59.95 a month, which is considered one of the cheapest home wireless broadband that comes with this amount of data. For the first six months of your subscription, you even get to enjoy $10 off. Rest assured,  this plan offers a no-contract term, which means that you still have the flexibility to leave anytime you deem the need to. Just keep in mind that since SpinTel is a partner of Optus, its service will most likely be delivered over the Optus 4G network.

Optus: 4G Home Internet Every Day 500GB (M2M):

Another one of the best home wireless broadband plans that you can consider for your work-from-home office setup is Optus. This plan comes with 500GB of data. In this case, you only need to pay $69 a month, and you even get to enjoy a no-contract term.

Moose Mobile: Home Wireless Broadband 500GB:

Like Optus, Moose Mobile is also offering 500GB of data in their home wireless broadband plan. Just the same, you need to shell out $69 monthly to enjoy this no-contract term plan. The great thing about their offering is that you only need to pay a couple of hundred dollars for the modem that they need to set up. Compared to the offers of other providers, including Optus, this upfront cost is relatively cheaper.

Vodafone: 4G Home Wireless Broadband – 400GB:

Finally, you can also go for Vodafone’s 4G home wireless broadband that offers 400GB of data. With this plan, you will enjoy full-speed 4G connectivity, but the 400GB data is capped at 1.5Mbps. You won’t even have to pay for the modem if you opt to subscribe to their plan for at least 36 months. The great thing is that they are offering a deal for this month that will allow you to get your first month free if you sign up within their deadline. Read more about  30 Most Trending SpongeBob Quotes ever.

The Bottomline:

If you have a chance of working from home, make sure that your internet connection will support your efficiency and productivity. This means that you need to be selective when it comes to choosing a provider, as well as a viable plan to subscribe to. Rest assured that there are already various options for you to choose from. Just keep in mind that the key is in figuring out your specific needs and preferences.

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