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The Difficulty of Knowing Car Shipping Costs: Calculator to the Rescue

by Eric


Imagining yourself driving for long and long hours so as to reach a specific destination, either because you are moving, or because you need to have the car transported for a different reason, you’re slowly coming to one realization. The idea of such a ride isn’t exactly appealing. You would much rather sit back and have someone else do it. Well, here’s some good news. You can sit back and let someone else do it.

To be more precise, you can let professionals do it, by using those car shipping costs. If you’ve come across that solution already, you’re now most likely wondering whether it is right for you. And, the prices will play a role in that decision, which is why using a car shipping cost calculator can be quite important.  We’ll talk about its role in a bit more detail later.

You’ve thought about working out those costs yourself, haven’t you? Or, you may have even tried it, and then realized that it is quite difficult. Perhaps you have used such a method of calculating the costs in the past, and once the bill actually came, you realized you were way off with the predictions. So, you don’t want the same thing to happen again.

Why is, however, working out those costs so difficult? Why were you way off the first time, and why are you expecting to be way off this time? That’s a question we’ll have to answer for you below, right before explaining how those calculators I’ve mentioned can come to your rescue. So, let’s start explaining things right away.

Why Is Working Out the Costs So Difficult?

You multiply the shipping fee with the distance between the original location of the vehicle and the new destination, and that’s about it, huh? Wouldn’t we all be glad if things were that easy? On the surface, it seems that this should lead to precise calculations and that there is actually nothing else you can add to the formula. But, when you dig a bit deeper, you will understand just why that formula isn’t that accurate.

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So, why isn’t the above formula accurate? Simply because there are other factors that have a significant impact on the actual price. Sure, the distance is the main thing that contributes to the overall rate, but it is definitely not the only thing that does it. Assuming that you simply have to know the distance and nothing else is exactly what leads people towards making those wrong calculations. And, the fact that there are other factors to consider makes manual calculations difficult.

What other factors are we referring to here, though? For one thing, there is the vehicle type. Shipping a car and shipping, say, an SUV, is definitely not the same. It is not the same for the professionals doing it, which is why they will charge differently for those two scenarios. In fact, they will charge differently for all the scenarios, that is, all the cars, depending on their size and their weight.

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That’s not all. Whether you will choose an enclosed or perhaps an open carrier will also have an influence on the overall rate. I suppose you get that the enclosed solution is a bit more expensive, given that your vehicle is better protected that way. Both options are safe, though, so the choice is up to you. Click this to get some help in choosing.

Another reason why working out the costs all alone can be difficult is because the dates will impact those as well. This could also be the reason why your calculations were way off the first time, although any of the mentioned factors could have contributed to that as well. Understanding that the price will be different for various dates is important, as it will reduce the surprises when you get the final bill.

Calculator to the Rescuey

If you really want to get rid of all of such surprises, and I am guessing you do, because being surprised with how much something costs is never a pleasant experience, provided that the price is higher than you expected, then you’ll have to use a car shipping cost calculator. That tool, as I’ve mentioned already, can come to your rescue and help you get the precise numbers that you want. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

The reason why the numbers will be precise when you use the calculator is because the tool will include all of those factors I’ve mentioned into the calculations. It won’t rely solely on the “distance times fee” formula. And, of course, using the tool provided by the company you want to work with will lead to the most accurate results.

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