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Chernobyl tours: when will the Exclusion Zone be habitable?

by Eric

The Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident happened on April 26, 1986 – more than 35 years ago. Nevertheless, the 30 km zone around the exploded reactor is still not suitable for life. Chernobyl tours will be an excellent solution for those who are used to discovering new, unusual locations, positive emotions, and unusual experiences.

How dangerous are Chernobyl tours?

The accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant became one of the most terrible tragedies of the late twentieth century, which changed the lives of millions of people not only in Ukraine and Belarus but also in Europe.

For many kilometers, the area around the exploded reactor was contaminated with radioactive chemical elements, which adversely affected human health, leading to the development of many diseases, including oncology.

So how 小hernobyl tours safe? Radiation is not evenly distributed over the territory of the exclusion zone. Every tourist who comes here receives a device that measures the level of radiation. The devices show that the road and asphalt, which have been processed more than once, have the same level of radiation as in Kiev, but many plants, especially moss, accumulate a lot of radiation and store it for many years. Read more about  6 Top ATV Accessories You Need to Invest In.

At the moment, there are only two places where a person can receive a lethal dose of radiation on the territory of the exclusion zone – the destroyed reactor itself, where it is almost impossible to get there now. Another place is a hospital, where the clothes of the liquidators are still kept. Tours to Chernobyl do not involve visiting such dangerous places.

The territory of the exclusion zone was mainly contaminated with chemical elements, the half-life of which is 25 – 30 years. As a result, the radiation level here is several times less than on the day of the disaster. When visiting the territory for one day, a person receives the same dose of radiation as on an airplane for two hours. In general, we can say that a one-day tour to the Chernobyl zone will not harm your health, but an extended stay or visiting forbidden places can lead to consequences.

Chernobyl tours: when will people return to the exclusion zone?

When buying Chernobyl tours from Kiev, many tourists wonder if the exclusion zone will ever fit for life? Research shows that a 30-kilometer zone will be habitable in 60 years. Here people will be able to:

  • Maintain a habitual life activity;
  • Engage in agriculture;
  • Open schools, daycare centers, hospitals, and other essential infrastructure facilities;
  • Open large businesses.

Life here will not differ much from the one that now reigns throughout Ukraine. Most likely, you will have to create new settlements anew and not rebuild existing ones since the marauders destroyed most of the buildings in Pripyat and the surrounding villages.

The 10-kilometer zone around the destroyed reactor will never be habitable again. This area is contaminated with such elements, the half-life of which takes several thousand years.

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