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Key Benefits of Testimonial Videos

by Eric

Testimonial videos are marketing gold. They prove that your customers love you, they build credibility and trust among prospects, and they create a sense of community.

Great testimonial videos can do amazing things for your business! The only problem is that the process of creating them can be tedious. Finding people to videotape, then editing all those videos into something watchable. But a simple video editor website can help you.

Here are the key benefits of testimonial videos.

1) Social Proof

Testimonials are social proof. They prove your credibility. When someone else vouches for you, people are more likely to believe what you say. Testimonial videos are social proof distilled into video form. A person’s words on-screen become an endorsement of everything they say in the video.

And when that person is already known and respected, it becomes even better! For example, if Stephen Spielberg praised your product in a testimonial video, then it would be easy for people to trust him since he has proven his credibility with great movies like Jurassic Park and Saving Private Ryan.  Read more about  How to make a blue neon sign?

2) Additional Exposure

People will talk about your brand once they’ve seen something exciting or noteworthy out of it. And the best way to get people talking about your brand is to create something interesting or noteworthy.

Testimonial videos get additional exposure. They are remarkable, worthy of being shared. And sharing them can have a significant impact on your business, expanding the reach of your testimonials exponentially! Even if it’s just being shared on Facebook or Twitter, that’s free publicity you wouldn’t have otherwise obtained.

3) Gives the Viewer Personalized Information

It’s hard for someone watching a flat image (like maybe as they’re scrolling through their news feed as they’re bored at work) to absorb everything on that image and make sense of it all. A lot gets lost in translation between what you see and what you understand. Read more about capcut mod apk for best video editing.

But video is visceral. It lends more color to the world and shows things that usually wouldn’t get seen. And with a testimonial video of someone talking, you can hear their tone and how they say something, which adds another dimension to your understanding.

4) Great for Social Media Ads

If you’re trying to get new customers through your Facebook advertising or Google paid ads, then testimonial videos are significant assets because they add credibility and build trust among prospects.  And when people click on that ad, and it takes them directly to an Amazon product page (or some other website), you want that Amazon page to look as trustworthy as possible. Good Amazon page rank will help conversions. Testimonial videos help with both good Amazon page rank and conversions.

5) Easier to Share on Social Media

There’s a good chance your prospects don’t even know you.  It would help if you let them know what you offer, the value you provide, so they can understand why it can be worth their time to go through the effort of ordering from you. It is where testimonial videos help! They become an easy way for people to learn about who you are and what you do.

6) Provides High-quality Content that Boosts SEO

When Google sees testimonials on your website or Facebook page, it knows that real people like what you’re offering enough to take the time to talk about it online. And when those testimonials contain compelling text, the kind of text that makes people click on a link to read it, Google will understand just how compelling your product or service is after reading those testimonials. And this helps with search rankings since Google wants websites and products with better content to be shown more prominently in its results.

7) Videos Engage the Brain More than Images

The process of visual information is 60,000 times faster than you do written information. That’s why techniques like storytelling get you hooked on a concept fast. The video cuts down on processing time even more because you’re engaging different senses at once (sight, sound).

And when you’re trying to convey a message quickly and effectively, whether for marketing purposes or conversion, anything that gets the point across faster is good. It’s suitable for both the person consuming the information and the business providing it.

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