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Blue whale bitten in half 2021

by Eric

The blue whale is the biggest mammal found on the earth, which can grow up to thirty meters (100 feet), having a weight of about two hundred tonnes (440,000 pounds). Its many organs are greater than the organs of the members of the kingdom Animalia like it has a heart of weight about 400 pounds, and on the other hand, it has a short brain having weight around 15 pounds, which is about 0.007% of its total body weight. It can travel at a speed of almost 30 miles per hour.

It was firstly discovered in the Indian ocean, and today, there are only 10,000 to 25,000 individuals of blue whales are left behind, so these are endangered. The real color of blue whales is gray but they seem blue when sunshine falls on water, and have yellow-colored spots on the ventral side due to the accumulation of diatoms. They have no teeth, instead, they have Baleen bristles, which are thin enough for the passage of water through them and thick enough to eat prey. It can go deep in water up to 500 meters, in search of food.

Blue whale bitten in half 2021:

A blue whale bitten in half was exposed on the coast of South Africa. It was very disturbing and shocking to see this miserable condition of the largest mammal on the earth. Blue whale bitten in half 2021 shook people badly. Everyone was anxious to know the secret of how such a big mammal was bitten in half. As we all know, the features of Blue Whales are very different and unique, and killing them is not so easy, then how did this accident happen? Many researchers started research on this accident but no one could give a clear statement, which can explain that, what was exactly happened with that whale. This accident is very old, the memory of this accident rebuilt to the mind of the people when a white shark attacked a father and son. Read more about Interesting facts about baby Croc.

Reasons that could cause blue whale’s death:

There are some reasons that can cause the death of the blue whales, some of them are as follows:

  • Megalodon:

It was a shark with 270 pointed teeth and had greater durability power than that of the blue whale. They had faced Blue Whales many times on the battlefield, and despite being weaker than the Blue Whale, they were capable of fighting and beating them, but the point is, that they are no more on the earth.

  • White shark:

Many researchers think that the white shark may be responsible for that miserable condition of blue whale bitten in half 2021 because the blue whale had the same marks on its body as the one father and son got on their body after the attack of the white shark. Seeing these signs, gave new hope to all researchers and they started searching on this accident once again, but still, they did not know anything because of the following reasons:

  • Sitting at a distance of a thousand miles, two blue whales can easily talk to each other, because of their great sense of listening, they can feel the sigh of everything moving towards them, so how is it possible that a white shark came to them and attacked them? It may be possible that the Blue Whale was so sick, that it could not defend itself against the attack of the white shark.
  • Its tail is very powerful, that’s why no fish likes to go near it because if it attacks someone with its tail, it falls too far and can have serious injuries.
  • Ship strikes:

Humans are a huge threat to the Blue Whales. Often when ships collide with a blue whale, can severely injure the blue whales and may also become a reason for their death. So ship strikes may be responsible for the accident of blue whale bitten in half 2021. This is my own opinion as there is no exact statement about this happening.

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