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Interesting Facts about White Cute Rat; Albino

by Eric

Rats are famous for chewing. They can chew woods, concrete, plastic, aluminum, and many other things. Some rats are very cute, like the white rat Albino. This cute rat Albino people love them and keep them in their homes like pet rats. One interesting thing about rats is that rats have been loyal friends to humans for over 200 years. They love the company of other rats and domestic rats adore humans too. They love to have fun, playing with other rats and human friends. According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2020 was the year of rats. Rats are not favorites of everyone but some people love them. Today we will tell you some interesting facts about the cute rat Albino (white rat).

White cute rat Albino:

It is natural, humans always love white animals such as white tigers, and white beer, etc. similarly white rats are also so adorable they look cute, because of their white fur and pink eyes. This cute rat has been people’s beloved pet for centuries. Some interesting and funny facts about white rat are as follow;

Facts about Albino;

  • Another name of Albino

This cute rat is also called PEW. PEW stands for “pink eyes white”; it is a common name for Albion among fanciers and breeders.

  • Albino sleeps a lot in the daytime

During a survey, the researchers found that between 8 am to 8 pm the white rat spends 76% of the time of day in sleeping and 24% of the time awake. They are active at night.

  • Pink eyes

We see that the color of the eyes of a white rat is pink, but it’s not actually pink. We see them pink because Albino has no pigmentation in its hairs and eyes. What we are really seeing is the color of blood vessels inside the rat’s eyes.

  • Pure signs of Albino

Only rats with white fur with no hint of any other color and medium pink eyes, not ruby red eyes are Albinos. Pure white fur with medium pink color eyes is Albinos. If a rat has white fur but he didn’t have pink eyes are not Albinos. Read more about  Interesting facts about Grey cute wolf.

  • Albino is the first rat as a pet

Albinos are the easiest rats to catch except you are not living in a cold region. This cute rat was first kept as a pet in the 18th century, and still, people kept them as their pets and love them a lot. That’s why we also called them domestic rats.

  • Red tears of Albino

Most people think that Albino white rats cry blood. But it’s not blood that makes their tears red. It’s a substance Porphyrin, which makes their tears red. This substance helps Albino to protect their eyes from the light.

  • Albino is a laboratory animal  

Mostly Albino rats use in labs for various experiments. Many reasons are present that why scientists choose Albinos for their lab experiments. The major reason is that Albinos are genetically similar to humans. So for getting accurate results of drugs and viruses they try them on Albinos, which that how various drugs and viruses affect people.

  • Albinos are great helpers and loyal

If an Albino rat sees a fellow rat in trouble, by hook by crook he will try to help him. Even he will take risks on himself. They are well known for their empathy and loyalty. If they see their fellow in the cage they try with every possible situation to free them from the cage.

  • Albinos are Neophobic

Do you know cute rat Albino is afraid of new things and situations? Albinos are Neophobic which means they are afraid of new things. They are also afraid of new food, that’s why they keep the new food in their teeth for a few hours. Scientists believe that they do this because they can’t vomit.

  • Poor eyesight

This white cute rat has poor eyesight, he depends on his sense of smell, hearing, and touch to recognize things and his environment.

  • Other names of Albinos  

More funny names of male and female Albinos are a buck and does, male albino is a buck and female albino is does, and pregnant and parenting females albinos are called dams. Baby rats are called kittens or pups. The group of Albinos is called “Mischief”.

  • Albinos make noise called “Bruxing”

By making noise which is called bruxing, Albino rats show that they are in a happy mood. The bruxing sound is produced when Albinos chatter or grind their teeth together. This helps Albinos and other rats to sharpen their teeth.

  • First rat in space

In 1961, the French send an Albino rat named Hector into space. He flew in a space capsule to a height of 90 miles and was successfully recovered after his flight. Albino white rat is such an interesting cuddly and cute rat.

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