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What is Cooperativa Latina? Online Access of LCCU

by Eric

The Latino credit union was founded in 2000. It was founded to give an answer to the wave of robberies and muggings of Latino immigrants in Durham, North Caroline. Because of this, it turned into a national model for credit unions and community financial institutions. The Latino community wants to help the unbanked individuals and immigrant communities. Cooperativa Latina will soon celebrate its 21st year of serving its members. In its previous 20 years, it exceeds $594 million in assets. The organization is ready for new opportunities. Today we will enlighten you about the great online Access of Latino credit unions.

Cooperativa Latina Online Access:

For online access, you can sign in using LCCU mobile site or sign in LCCU full site. There you have some options to fill, first, you have to write the user name then password, and then sign in. you can contact them by visiting their branch or if you are an outsider then you can contact Cooperativa Latina through different options. They give all options for your comfort. The contact options with LCCU are as follow;

  • Contact them through phone;
  • Call any of the branches to manage your accounts
  • Call virtual center (919) 595 1800
  • To report a lost/stolen Card outside of business hours, call; 1-800-957—3890
  • To complete basic account transactions outside of business hours, you can call their 24/7 automated service line; 1-866-873-5228.
  • Send them a message;
  • Send them a secure message by logging into LUUC Member Access Portal.
  • Social media;
  • You can contact LCCU through different social media accounts. Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn.

Leave a comment or suggestion:

You can leave a comment or suggestion if you want to share your experience or anything else, contact LCCU via email. Email is

  • Mailing Address;
  • Latino Community Credit Union
  • PO Box 25360
  • Durham NC.27702


If you are a Latino or not, this doesn’t matter you can join Cooperativa Latina. Tell your location to LCCU and join Latino Community Development Centre (LCDC). The one-time family membership fee is $10.this field of LCCU organization provides financial education. Three steps are required to join LCCU membership. Read more about A complete guide about Doug Kass on market

Step 1= complete an online membership application

Step 2= send LCCU any additional required documents to one of the following

Step3= LCCU will call you to confirm your new membership

Products and services:

Cooperativa Latina is a very supportive community. It helps you in every field of life with all financial needs. From free checking accounts to mortgage loans. LCCU give you all the online tools you need to take complete control of your finance.

LCCU gives you the following options:

  • Savings (fund & future)
  • Checking (get the most out of your money)
  • Loans & credit (finance your dreams)
  • Financial guidance (make smart decisions)

Other services;

  • Wire transfer (a faster and safer way to send money)
  • Electronic service (manage your money, where you are)
  • LCCU Mobile App (your finance at the tips of your finger)

Loans & Credit:

You can get loans through Cooperativa Latina according to your needs. And can also deposit your money and you can get a high rate of interest. LCCU give the following options of credit and loans;

  • Credits cards
  • Personal loans
  • Auto loans
  • Home loans
  • Immigration Assistance loans
  • Dream loans

Money market:

You can get a great return on a bigger balance while your money is accessible at LCCU all the time. Following steps are required;

  • Minimum initial deposit $500
  • Minimum balance $500
  • Be a Latino CU member

Your reward;

  • No maintenance fee
  • Above-average interest rate
  • Option to receive e-statements
  • Your money is safe and federally insured up to $250, 000 by NCUA
  • Free access to the largest ATM network

You can get a higher interest rate with lower fees. Enjoy the best services of Cooperativa Latina online for more deep info about LCCU visit the home page of the Latino Community. There you can get all info about their terms and policies; there you will get all charts of loans rates, deposited rates, and mortgage rates.

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