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Guide for Instant Background Checks

by Eric

It is always risky for an employer to hire a new employee, which is why thorough screening is vital in the hiring process. Instant Background checks are one of the instruments business owners frequently utilize to reduce risk.

A background check is a method of confirming that the applicant is who they say they are. You can look up any information they may have provided throughout the interview, including job history, criminal background, education, and other specifics. Background checks can be performed in a variety of ways, including:

  • Background checks for jobs
  • Crime checks
  • The investigation of criminal activity
  • Credit Inquiries

96% of companies, according to, perform at least one kind of background investigation. Each of these checks may take some time to request information from state or federal agencies.

What is the Employee Background Verification Process? How long does it take?

A background check thoroughly examines the applicant’s academic records, employment history, credit report, and college diplomas. Typically, it takes 3 to 10 days. It can take longer if the business needs to investigate the candidate’s past (mostly for senior-level hires). The majority of employers run background checks on candidates following an interview.

Before making an employment offer to a candidate, businesses perform background checks to confirm their identity.

Public documents – Any law enforcement agency’s criminal history and court records are readily available to businesses.

Work history – Employers will look into a candidate’s previous employers, work dates, and functions within each organization. They also investigate past income, performance, behavior, and other information.

Education history – Businesses may contact colleges to confirm qualifications because common examples of business fraud include fraudulent certifications, fake grades, and degrees.

Verifying an address – Who lies about their address? You need to be on the lookout for those who try to hide their background.

What is an Instant Background Check?

Employers have access to various criminal record checks, some of which are more precise and current than others. As a result of their inability to guarantee the authenticity of their data, these “third-party” background screening companies frequently have inaccurate or incomplete records. Read more about Wells Fargo Personal Banking Guide.

The state must be contacted directly to perform an accurate background check. Utilizing a “third party” agency is typically far more expensive than using the state of choice. Many websites provide the instant background check service, which searches several databases for publicly available information in exchange for a charge. Some companies even offer free instant background checks online.

The instant background check comes from various sources, including records from the state’s courts and the correctional system and law enforcement records, typically from local or metropolitan police departments.

What is the Average Turnaround Time for a Background Check?

Any type of employment may be subject to background checks. The turnaround time for a background check will vary depending on the constraints of the data source and the type of information desired.

Depending on the sort of background check you purchase, the typical background check turn-around time can be anything from one to five days to a few months. An FBI check may take 30 days or so. Although it is crucial to have a full and accurate report, delays can occur during the process.

For instance, if the employer makes errors on the forms submitted with the application, a background check may be delayed. The applicant must sign a release form, and the employer must inform them that a background check will be conducted.

Before the background check can be conducted, the agencies receiving the forms must receive them signed. The screening organizations can gather data about the applicant, which could cause a background check to be delayed.

The procedure might be delayed if they contact prior employers and educational institutions rather than relying solely on the candidate’s information because they might not even have electronic records. For instance, getting a criminal or driving license report can take up to 48 hours in some areas.

Order An Instant Background Check

  • Your credit report may have errors: The presence of inaccuracies in credit reports is very common. (That’s why you should frequently check yours.) To resolve disagreements, get in touch with the credit reporting company directly.
  • You may have criminal charges eligible for expungement: Most states have restrictions on the types of crimes that can be expunged. Several states provide a list of prohibited offenses. Violent crimes, homicides, sex offenses, driving while intoxicated (DUI), and crimes involving bribery or fraud are examples of frequent disqualifying offenses.
  • Online instant background checks for employment could benefit your job search: You can better prepare for queries or find any errors in your material by checking your background. Examine the sections of a background check report that are most likely to contain information, such as credit history, employment history, work authorization, and educational background.

FAQs for Instant Background Check

  1. Can someone who has already been hired have their employment history checked?

Yes, as long as you have the necessary authorization.

  1. If there is the knowledge that an employee just got into some sort of problem, may a background check be performed?

Yes, as long as you have the necessary authorization in place. However, depending on the nature of the “problem,” you must exercise caution because you do not want to appear to be looking into, for instance, a worker’s actual or perceived impairment.

  1. Can a potential employer ask applicants about their sexual preferences, marital status, and other personal habits and lifestyle choices?

No, generally speaking. State, county, and federal anti-discrimination laws commonly safeguard issues like these.

  1. Can the background check’s negative findings be disregarded to hire the candidate?

Yes, the results of a background check are simply that—information. You must decide if the findings of an inquiry carry enough weight to influence the hiring decision.

  1. Do small firms have to comply with the FCRA?

Yes. The FCRA makes no distinction between a small business owner and a large corporation. No matter how many employees you have, the FCR is still applicable if the data you’re looking for about a potential hire or current employee falls under the definition of a consumer report.


Background checks are a crucial component of any hiring procedure to guarantee a trustworthy and productive team. For those in a hurry or on a tight budget, an instant background check can be their savior.

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