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Wells Fargo Personal Banking Guide

by Eric

Wells Fargo bank provides guidance to its customers and helps them to achieve their financial goals. They help people in setting their life by providing credit and borrowing facilities and many other facilities.   Before, getting any service, you have to open an account. If you don’t know how to open a Wells Fargo bank account then you are on the right site. Here, we have provided complete guidance for opening an account. We hope that this would be helpful to you when opening an account.

Procedure for opening an account at Wells Fargo:

It’s very simple to open a Wells Fargo account, you can create it online by yourself or in person at a local branch. You should follow the given steps:

1. Collect required data

The first step is to collect the info that is necessary for identifying you.

  • Identification card (such as state ID or matriculation card)
  • Tax ID number
  • Other information such as name, address phone number, or e-mail address
  • Fees for the opening of your account

Above mentioned things are required for opening Wells Fargo account online but if we open a personal account, then you have to scan your ID and attach your scanned ID to your application or send it to the bank.

2. Select the type of Wells Fargo bank

Select which type of account you want to open, Wells Fargo Checking account, Wells Fargo saving account, Home loan, Investing, or Wells Fargo personal banking account.

3. Fill out an online application and apply for in person

Wells Fargo provides facilities for their customers to open an online account. You just have to gather necessary personal info and deposit $25 (opening fees). After it, select the type of account last and submit your application.

These are the simple steps for opening an account at Wells Fargo.

Wells Fargo personal banking:

Wells Fargo personal banking provides a lot of benefits. With this, you can do your tasks with just a single click. With Wells Fargo mobile banking you can accomplish different tasks some of them are written below. Read more about Lima One Capital types and rates.

  • Deposit Cash

You can deposit your cheques and cash by the following simple steps:

  • First of all, download the Wells Fargo Mobile app to your smartphone.
  • Then, Sign in to your account.
  • Now you just have to select Deposit in the bottom bar. Or, use the Deposit Checks shortcut.

Send Money with Zelle:

It’s safe, easy, and fast to send money with Zelle. You can do this by using an e-mail address, or a U.S mobile number and can perform your transactions in minutes.

  • Transfer and pay:

You can send and receive money or can do a lot of other transactions (such as payments of bills).

  • Manage accounts:

It provides you the facility to manage your accounts from home. You can check your bank balance, see your transactions for the whole event of the last 18 weeks, and also see the image of cheques and confirm their depositions.

Services provided by Wells Fargo Bank:

Wells Fargo provides many facilities some of them are listed below:

  • Checking.
  • Savings & CDs.
  • Credit Cards.
  • Home Loans.
  • Personal Loans.
  • Auto Loans.
  • Investing.
  • Education & Tools

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