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what is a motorized longboard? All intersting facts

by Eric

Louie Finkle of California invented the first motorized longboard in 1997 but now almost 62 others described that how it was invented. But he created a clear wireless form in April 1999. The construction of a motorized longboard is as similar as that of the construction of a simple skateboard. The only difference is that it has a motor attached to it that helps it to move. This motor controls the speed of a longboard with the help of a pocket remote. A motorized longboard is very expensive so it could not be purchased by everybody.

Is it valuable?

It is very valuable because they are undoubtedly best for newcomers. They are best for the newcomers because of their control, super easy to learn, and need to ride. Motorized longboards are a good choice for floating across streets. It helps its riders to enjoy a day in the park, cover a college campus.


It’s not difficult to build a motorized longboard, you can easily make your own motorized longboard. Following components are essential for its construction:

  • The Motor Pulley
  • The Wheel Pulley
  • The Drive Belt
  • Almost 6.5-inch wide air-filled tires

The motor mounting Plate and Truck Clamping Parts are referred to as the motor mount. Read more about Where are the best snowboarding trails in Australia?


Its soft wheels help to move smoothly across rough surfaces. The two main purposes of the motorized longboard are discussed below:

Knocking about Transportation(It helps its riders to travel as fast as traffic.


Firstly open the throttle(a system that manages the flow of air into your engine), control the speed and brake of the longboard with the help of the pocket remote.

If you want to change the direction of your longboard, you simply need to shift your motorized longboard in the direction you want to go.

Cost of motorized longboard:

Normally the cost of a longboard ranges from almost $150  to several thousand dollars, depending upon the range you need. Motorized longboards are very expensive because their battery consists of many smaller battery cells.

Best brands of motorized longboard:

  • ONLYONE O -2-


Max Speed: 25 mph

Weight Capacity: 330 lbs

  • Halo Board Beast


Max Speed:26 mph

Weight Capacity: 286 lbs

  • Backfire G3 Plus- Fastest Electric Longboard-


Max Speed:28.5 mph

Weight capacity: 260 lbs


  • Teamgee H5 Best Longboard for short Distances-


Max speed:22 mph

Weight capacity: 200 lbs


There are numberless benefits of having this longboard some of them are discussed below:

  • Environment-friendly transportation
  • Nonpolluting transportation
  • Faster speeds
  • Smooth sailing
  • Help to increase your health

Are they legal??

The question that comes first to our mind before buying any longboard is whether they are legal?? No, it’s not allowed to use it on the roads not even in the streets because it can harm the pedestrians. And almost all over the world motorized longboard are illegal because these vehicles are new and there are no appropriate laws for their use.

Precautions before using motorized longboard:

 Riders should be trained before using a longboard, and they should wear safety helmets, elbow and knee pads.

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