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5 Things to Know Before Buying the Best Cool Rollerblades

by Eric

You may have seen others skate on roller skates, or done it yourself. But have you heard of rollerblades or tried rollerblading? Although they look similar to skates, there is a difference between them. Unlike skates that usually come with four wheels, blades have anywhere between two to five wheels, all arranged in a straight line. The difference extends to the other parts, including the boots, frames, bearings, and wheels.

You might take some time as a beginner to get used to them. But once you do, rollerblading can offer an unmatched experience. You can buy some best cool rollerblades and start practicing right away. Besides being entertaining, they provide a good workout too. But what are the five things you should know while buying these, and how can you be sure of getting the right one?

  • Colors to choose from

You can find inline skates in plenty of bright colors. Some of the more popular options available currently include white, pink, black, green, and red. The color of the wheels is the same as that of the boot, thereby enhancing its appearance.

Some inlines also have colorful LED lights attached to them. And, when you skate, these shine brightly, attracting the attention of onlookers and making you stand out from other skaters.

  • Types of boots used

The best rollerblades usually come with either soft boots or firm boots. You can choose from either of these, as both have distinctive advantages.

Soft shoes provide comfort and are suitable for recreational skating.  However, most inline skaters prefer hard boots because they provide extra ankle and foot stability. They also contain extra padding for comfort and to protect the feet against potential injuries.

  1. Selecting the correct size

Before buying a boot, be sure to check the size carefully. You could use a measuring tape to measure your foot’s length or take the help of a size chart. The rollerblading shoes should fit comfortably instead of being too tight or loose. The manufacturers often have varying size measurements, so that’s something you should check beforehand. Most men’s sizes vary between 6 to 13 inches, while women’s range between 6 to 10 inches. Read more about what is a motorized longboard? All interesting facts.

Although the boots might take time to break in, they should comfortably fit once they do. Nonetheless, make sure to check if the seller has a return and exchange problem just in case you don’t like the fit or finish of the product.

  • Types of frames used

The frames play a vital role in the mechanism of the rollerblades. Irrespective of what design, color, or style of inlines you choose, you must pay particular attention to the frames. Manufacturers use plastic, aluminum, or composite plastic to make the frames. The material affects its durability, grip, weight, vibration, and response.

A lightweight aluminum frame provides extra power transfer and stability. If you choose composite plastic, you will enjoy maximum support but less speed. The frame’s size is directly related to the wheel’s size.

  • Information on the wheels

You must choose the correct wheel size while buying roller skates. You can choose between those with three or four wheels, depending on whether you are a beginner or advanced skater.

If you are a learner, four wheels would be your best bet since these offer more stability. However, if you are a regular skater, tri-skates, or those with three wheels, will work best as they produce high speeds. Buying the best cool rollerblades lets you enjoy skating in style. From the wheels to the boots, every factor plays a role in its performance, functionality, and appearance.

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