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How to Be a Poker Fan in 2022

by Eric

Having been around for close to two centuries, poker has evolved and changed in numerous ways. First played by a small group of French settlers in New Orleans during the early 1800s, poker is now a global game watched by millions. Not only are there numerous different types of poker, but there are now more ways than ever to play the game. Even now, with a few button presses on your phone, you could be playing poker within minutes. Considering how much the game has changed with the rise of technology, it can sometimes be overwhelming to keep up. There are now more ways to play, more ways to watch, and even more places to learn the game. The simple act of just following, and being a fan of poker is far different than it was even just ten years ago. Chances are, it will be vastly different in another ten years. Let’s focus on the here and now though, with how to be a poker fan in 2022.

Learn and Train

There’s an unimaginable amount of material online that will help you up to your game. Paid and free training can be found everywhere, including the likes of YouTube, Udemy, and numerous coaching sites. Whether you’re a seasoned player, or just looking to get started, there’s sure to be a resource that matches your needs as a learner. Training can also help you better appreciate the game as well, giving you a deeper understanding of high level-games. So even if you don’t intend on playing yourself, training can still be beneficial.

Play Poker Games

Video games have come on a long way since the days of Pong, and with it so has the selection of poker games. It’s now easier than ever to embrace virtual reality gaming, which takes the virtual poker experience to the next level. If you want to play poker, but don’t like the concept of having to leave your house, VR poker is definitely the best choice for you. Titles like PokerStars VR offer a fundamental poker experience, alongside plenty of other unique features.

Watch Poker Films

There is no shortage of poker-focused films to watch. The great thing about many of the films is that they create interesting poker situations. While many are indeed fiction, or loosely based on real stories, poker is still based on strict rules. However, writers can stretch the limits of the game and create exciting scenarios. One of the latest major poker-focused movie releases, The Card Counter, released late last year and features Oscar Isaac as a veteran who plays poker, and ends up embroiled in a wider dangerous story.

Watch the World Series Of Poker:

Football fans have the Super Bowl. Soccer fans have the World Cup. For poker fans, the annual World Series Of Poker is the biggest event of the year. Poker’s main event was back in the later months of 2021 following COVID-related disruptions. Taking place across three weeks, the annual event features numerous cash games, tournaments, and events. The best poker players from across the world travel to the World Series Of Poker, which is why it should be on the calendar of every poker fan.

Join a Community:

Poker, like many other games, is best enjoyed with others. This is why joining a community is a great way to further enhance your enjoyment of the game. Whether it’s joining a Facebook group, or engaging with the official Reddit poker community, chatting with like-minded fans will not only improve your knowledge but also give you a community to share your passion with.

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