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5 Benefits of a Lumbar Driving Pillow and How to Find One

by Eric

Driving is not easy for everyone. It takes practice and time. However, even the most experienced drivers can benefit from the proper driving pillow. If you want to make your daily commute easier and more comfortable, you can buy the best lumbar driving pillow in the market. Here are the benefits of these pillows.

Better Posture and Fuel Economy:

Driving with a memory foam lumbar support pillow will ensure you sit up straight and avoid back pain when on the road. You’ll also reduce your chances of accidents by simply being more alert, focused, and aware when behind the wheel. And, when you’re in a good posture, your car’s fuel economy will improve.

Prevent Neck Pain:

Like back pain, neck pain can be prevented or reduced using the correct driving pillow. Many models are designed to support your head and keep it balanced while the rest of your body follows suit. It reduces strain on your neck muscles, which causes pain. Read more about Best Wiper Blades for Winter Season.

Better Vision:

A driving pillow is specifically designed to keep your head up and your eyes looking forward.

They won’t allow you to slump over or drop your chin on your chest because they support your spine. It will ensure that you can see as far as possible and that nothing comes into your line of sight without you knowing.

Reduce Stress on Your Lower Back:

Like we mentioned before, a lumbar driving pillow will keep you in an upright position while sitting in the driver’s seat. It will promote healthy posture and reduce wear and tear on your lower back. A proper driving pillow also alleviates tension in your hips and thighs, so you feel more at ease while on the road.

Better Concentration While Driving:

According to Statista, the neck pillow market will reach a value of $295 million by 2022. Last but not least, having proper support will ensure you stay focused when driving. You’ll be less likely to zone out or let your mind wander without even realizing it. Driving pillows promote better concentration, which is crucial when on the road.

How to Find the Perfect Driving Pillow?

Keeping all this in mind, you’re probably wondering how to find the perfect pillow for your needs. Read on to know more.

Measure Your Back First:

To do this, sit on a flat surface with your legs straight in front of you and bend backward as far as possible. Make sure your chin points toward the ceiling and that both arms are stretched out until they’re straight. You can hold a piece of string or rope to help you maintain that position, then measure the distance between waist and floor.

Measuring Your Seat:

Next, sit in your driver’s seat and try to recreate that same bending-backward move you just did. See where your back ends when it touches the seat, then measure that length. Now you know how high your back is off the floor when you’re seated in your car!

Pick Your Model:

Finally, take your measurements to a store (or directly order) for any model of driving pillow that interests you. Different brands and models will be available, and some might work better with your height and size than others. Just make sure you get the one that best fits your height, back length, and seat profile (i.e., how high is your seat off the ground?) compared to where you measured when sitting in it. There are many brands on the market to choose from.

Memory Foam Driving Pillow:

These pillows are specially designed for people addicted to foam, gel, water, and air-based products. The material allows the best support by adjusting to your shape and weight at all times.

Traditional Driving Pillow:

Last but not least, if memory foam pillows aren’t your thing, you may prefer the traditional varieties of pillows. These pillows are made with different materials like cotton, mesh, and plush pieces. They’re more flexible than memory foam but don’t allow for as much movement or versatility.

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