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Great Ideas to Keep Growing Your Knowledge

by Eric

A hunger for knowledge and an aptitude for learning will carry you far in life, especially as technology continues to grow at an incredible rate. Those people with the willingness and ability to continue learning their entire lives are sure to find success, as there are several reasons why improving your knowledge pool is so beneficial. Firstly, the more you know, the more you are able to do in general and the more situations you are able to quickly and effectively adapt to. Secondly, a willingness and ability to continue learning as you age is a massively beneficial trait to have when applying for jobs. Employers like employees with ambition, and that means a hunger to continue growing will serve you well. So, if you are looking to learn how to learn, then this article aims to highlight some key advice.

Go Back to School:

One brilliantly effective way to boost your knowledge base and help yourself to maintain your attitude toward continual learning is to go back to school. However you decide to interact with schooling, it is massively beneficial for a number of reasons, not least of which is the culture of learning that is instrumental to any institution of academia. If furthering your education is a path you are thinking of, then consider the following options:


There are a plethora of highly interesting and engaging university courses available to engage with—regardless of age—which means, for example, that if you truly want to engage with an MSc Business Management with Entrepreneurship course, then nothing other than your own qualifications for the course should be able to stop you. Of course, even your own qualifications can be overlooked if you have suitable experience in a particular field, as universities tend to do everything they can to help their students, and potential students, learn.

Online University Courses:

If you can’t afford to move across the nation in order to attend a university you truly want to go to, then you might want to consider the possibility of digital learning. Online university degrees are a real option and they enable countless learners to reach their dreams, even if they cannot attend university in person. Read more about Dissertation Writing: A complete structure you need to know

Get Experience with Professionals:

Another great way to start building up your skills and knowledge about specific fields is to work with professionals from the field in any way that you can. Work experience is a powerful and important element of any learning experience, and that goes double for any career or field that requires technical and applied skills. In general, people tend to learn faster when they can be involved with what they are learning about, after all.


One brilliant way to start building up your experience within a specific field is to apply for an apprenticeship under a skilled mentor. That way, you should be able to take in all of the information taught to you and apply it in an effective and practical manner. This direct interaction with skills and concepts plays into a key learning style and is often much more effective for teaching skills such as plumbing or locksmithing, as a lot of the industry knowledge comes from the experience of actually doing the job, rather than learning information from a book.

Junior Positions:

Alternatively, if you cannot find any apprenticeships in a field you are interested in, then you might want to consider applying for junior roles within that field. They may pay less than you want them to, but they will enable you to build up experience in the field as well as actual work experience too, which would be beneficial if you decide you enjoy the job but want to move to a different company.

Engage with Digital Learning Platforms:

Alternatively, if you are looking to structure your learning more around your existing work schedule, then you might appreciate the flexibility and availability of most digital learning platforms. By engaging with such platforms, you allow yourself to set the terms of where and when you engage with learning, enabling yourself to focus on your work when you need to and your learning whenever you have the opportunity. On top of that, these platforms often have access to enormous libraries of learning content, which will enable you to learn about almost any topic you wish. Here are some examples of digital learning platforms:

  • LinkedIn Learning

The brilliant advantage of LinkedIn Learning is that every course you engage with can be linked back to your LinkedIn page, showing that you are constantly keeping up on your skill development journey. This learning platform is also filled with a plethora of business-specific learning courses, which should help you to better develop your business skills and potentially even set you up with enough knowledge to launch your own business.

  • Brilliant

Alternatively, Brilliant is designed to allow you to engage with scientific and mathematical concepts in a uniquely visceral way, watching how these concepts play out accurately and in real-time. This can be beneficial to learning and has allowed Brilliant to become one of the best learning platforms for science and mathematics.

  • Codecademy

Lastly, sites such as Codecademy allow their users to work through coding exercises and become deeply familiar with different aspects of computer coding, which is incredibly useful because code is such a complicated concept to get to grips with.

Develop Your Own Soft Skills:

Finally, if what you are looking to learn are soft skills (those that are a little less connected with traditional learning and more connected to yourself), then there are ways to help you with those too—but they have to be motivated by you. Your desire to learn and better yourself is an instrumental element of your learning and without it, you are sure to fail.

There are several soft skills that most employers want their prospective employees to have, such as:

  • Dedication
  • Confidence
  • Good timekeeping
  • Excellent work ethic
  • Great communication

By ensuring that you spend time enhancing your soft skills in these areas, you are sure to make yourself a more attractive applicant for most employers. On top of that, these skills are incredibly helpful in daily life and are brilliant to develop, whether or not you are doing it for a potential job.

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