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Why English to Greek Transcription Is Important

by Eric

English to Greek transcription involves listening to an English audio file, converting it into text, and translating the written document into Greek. In essence, the process will include both transcription and translation. The audio files companies and individuals usually transcribe from English to Greek are calls, movies, films, interrogations, court proceedings, audiobooks, and sermons.

Why Is English-To-Greek Transcription Necessary?

Approximately 13.5 million people speak Greek in Greece, Turkey, Italy, Cyprus, Albania, and many other countries surrounding the region. It is the official language in Greece and Cyprus. If your company is interested in penetrating Greek-speaking countries, it is paramount that you communicate in the local language when advertising it. This necessitates English-to-Greek transcription.

Here are some benefits you can get from English-to-Greek audio-to-text conversion.

  • Enhanced Accessibility of Your Content

Having your content in both video and text allows your audience to choose which one is more convenient for them. For those Greek speakers who prefer reading to listening, the written formats of your audio files will allow them to engage with your content thoroughly. Your videos will also become accessible to people who have hearing difficulties.

  • Improved SEO Rankings

Search engines can only index written content. When you transcribe your English videos to Greek, you make it possible for search engines to find your content, which can boost your sales revenues through increased traffic to your site. However, it is crucial to ensure that you transcribe the keywords from English to Greek without losing their meaning so that your brand will come up when potential clients search for key phrases.

  • Enhanced Communication and Information Sharing Among Professionals and Researchers

It is essential for businesses with branches or associates in Greek-speaking countries to do English-to-Greek transcription of any important audio files such as calls, meetings, interviews, or seminars. Doing so will enhance communication at the workplace. Furthermore, academic and research institutions can benefit from English-to-Greek transcription of studies and lectures.  Read more about How to Legally Teach English in France with a Student Visa?

  • Better Marketing Content

You can use the transcripts from your English-to-Greek transcription to create more web content to help market your brand. Utilize them in newsletters, e-books, social media posts, or even blog posts. A brand’s presence on various platforms can help you reach more people who will convert into clients.

  • A Foundation for Greek Subtitles and Captions

Movie and TV show editors can significantly benefit from English-to-Greek transcription because they can develop Greek subtitles for their content. Having Greek subtitles in a video initially produced in English will allow Greek speakers who do not understand English to enjoy the show.

How to Achieve Accurate English-to-Greek Transcription

While transcribing your files, it is essential to relay all the information accurately without distorting the message. Here are a few things you need to remember:

  • Use Human-Generated Transcription

Human transcribers deliver more accurate transcripts than automated speech recognition tools. Since English-to-Greek transcription will involve translating the English transcript to Greek, it is vital to get professionally generated transcripts. This move will help you avoid awkward errors associated with machine transcription.

  • Hire a Professional English-to-Greek Transcription Service Provider

Getting Greek transcripts from English files without losing the original message or altering it can be challenging. Therefore, it is essential to outsource the project to a transcription company such as GoTranscript. The GoTranscript English-to-Greek transcription services are 100% performed by native speakers.

  • Have a High-Quality Recording

While transcription companies may have noise-filtering equipment to get every word used in a conversation, ensure that your recording is clear and that all speakers can be heard.

Final Thoughts

If you’re working in medical, legal, media and entertainment, research, academia, or manufacturing, you will benefit significantly from English-to-Greek transcription. It is fundamental for enhancing information dissemination and can help you achieve your sales goals by getting your brand into Greek-speaking markets.

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