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The Easiest Online Casino Games to Win Real Money

by Eric

Did you know that according to the latest industry projections, there are close to twenty-one thousand gambling games floating around the digital sphere, available for real money play? The number of gaming genres on hand for you to test your luck is likely too far more robust than what most newbie gamblers would expect. Hence, it may be somewhat hard for those unfamiliar with casino-style betting to figure out which titles are the simplest to play and what are the casino games with the best odds.

To help those interested in enjoying rudimentary and cool casino games, below, we provide a list of the easiest online casino games to win cash on while also answering:

  • What casino game has the best chance of winning?
  • What is the easiest slot machine to win on?
  • Which online casino is easiest to win?

Odds & Gameplay

Each product an online gambling operator hosts will favor them in the long term and not its players. That is so because interactive gaming hubs are businesses, and they must ensure that they will turn a profit at the end of the day. Hence, they guarantee their advantageousness by only offering gaming options with a built-in mathematical advantage that tilts the odds in their service called the house edge, expressed as a percentage.

So, players looking to stay out of the red should focus on picking games with a low casino advantage. For most newbies, it is wise to only play games with elementary rules that anyone can grasp in minutes. Because betting on games whose ruleset you do not 100% understand can lead to bad decision-making.


100%, reel-spinners are the simplest gaming options in land-based and virtual casino lobbies. All they require of you is to press the spin button, nothing more. When you perform this action, within seconds, your chosen slot title will inform you if your spin was a winning or losing one.

There is no gameplay strategy you can utilize in playing reel-spinning products because random number generators indiscriminately decide what symbol combos will form on the game’s grid, with no one being able to affect their behavior. On average, most online slots boast a house edge of 4%.

Casino War

Those who grew up in North America and had access to a deck of cards know how to play War, also called Battle in the UK. Its gameplay consists of a deck divided between two players, who, in unison, reveal the top cards from their stacks. Whoever has the higher value card takes them both. This process goes on until one player owns the entire deck.

In the gambling sector, Shuffle Master, a division of Scientific Games, owns the rights to War’s gaming version. It is one of the best games to play at a casino, boasting a house edge of only 2%.

Fish Table Games

The internet is now swarming with guides on how to play fish table games online. These arcade-like shooters are a Chinese invention that made their way onto US arcade parlors in the mid-2010s. In the past few years, they have become mainstays at several high-quality online casinos, wow-ing players with their skill-based gameplay.

Fish tables are shooting games where you must hit as many aquatic creatures as possible using a limited amount of bullets blasted out of different projectile weapons.


Blackjack is the planet’s most popular table gaming choice. Many consider it one of the best casino games since, via proper strategy use, you can lower its default house edge from 2% to only 0.5%.

Moreover, blackjack is the preferred pick for many veterans and newcomers because its rules are virtually the same everywhere. And all you need to do to beat your dealer is attain a card total of twenty-one or one closest to this number without going over it.


European roulette is the most established version of everyone’s favorite wheel game. It has one green pocket, rendering all bets void, creating a house edge of 2.7%.

If you are hunting for a super elementary casino table game, there is nothing easier than making red/black, odd/even, high/low wagers on a roulette game. These offer terrific winning odds, and anyone can figure out what they mean and if they have won a prize or not after the little white ball stops spinning.

Tips to Increasing Your Winning Chances

There is no solid strategy on – how do you win $20 in a casino or any amount for that matter. The wisest thing online gamblers can do to boost their session odds is to seek out sites that provide generous bonuses, ones with decent terms. To discover if a casino promotion is worth claiming, run its listed stipulation through an expected value calculator, and see what result comes up. Learn the likelihood of you benefiting from such a deal.

It is best to practice-play a few rounds on games you are unfamiliar with, and also, always set session limits. Primarily loss ones, gambling responsibly. These will not increase your chances of winning prizes but will help you not enter a financial hole you cannot exit.

To Wrap Up

In short, in terms of playability, casino games do not get any simpler to play than slots. Yet, when it comes to a product’s winning odds, blackjack provides the most bang for a gambler’s betting dollar.

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