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Roundup: Visier Follows Quit Rates; Cappfinity Expands VR Experience

by Eric

Visier launched the Visier Resignation Report, a tool that allows users to examine changes in resignation rates. Currently updated through the end of May 2022, the Report says the overall rate of employee resignations this year has remained higher, in fact substantially higher, compared to 2020 or 2021. The Report pulls data from the records of anonymous Visier employees and will be updated at the beginning of each month. It’s free to expand VR Experience.

Cappfinity implemented an expanded set of virtual reality experiences designed to help recruiting teams land and retain strong candidates. The new virtual reality experiences are the latest addition to Cappfinity’s suite of recruiting and development solutions that assess behaviors and provide role-specific insights for hiring managers. It closed a $16.5 million Series B financing round with an additional $4.5 million in debt financing for a total of $21 million in funding. For VR Experience the round was led by Camden Partners. CEIPAL will use the money to expand, particularly within the US, UK and India. The company also has plans to enhance the capabilities of its products and grow its customer base among staffing companies, system integrators and corporate organizations.

LXP provider Degreed has acquired Learn In and announced the return of co-founder David Blake as CEO. Degreed said the acquisition will unify the range of development options people use, from everyday learning to long-term skills upgrading for people and innovation within organizations.

Job Diva announced an integration with Cloud Call, a computer telephony integration (CTI) designed for CRM. The system will allow recruiters to track their phone interactions in one place, thus offering greater convenience and VR Experience. Job Diva said the integration can help recruiters streamline their processes, speed up conversations and keep track of logged calls. Data insights are captured directly into the Job Diva CRM so users can take advantage of a 360° view of all voice communications with a contact.

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