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Santa Muerte Tattoo past page and design suggestions

by Eric

Santa Muerte Tattoo is the national symbol of Mexico, Santa Muerte’s meaning is “Saint of the day” another meaning is “the little flower lady”; placing this tattoo on your body will show off a Spanish lady of the Holy Death. It is very famous in Mexico as a tattoo option, other people it is taken as a Halloween costume worldwide. Santa Muerte is a female foil saint famous among Mexican-Americans. It is used to show death, healing, protection as well as the afterlife. It can be symbolized for different things, depending on your persona and your preferred tattoo character.

Past page of Santa Muerte Tattoo:

The last page of the Santa Muerte tattoo is still a mystery, other than it’s very famous in Mexico. Recently it became a mainstream figure for millions of people in South and North America. The Vatican said to the Catholic faith people to stay away from the Saint of Holy Death faith. Even in 2013, they called the saint fait “a blasphemy against religion”. But this statement couldn’t stop the popularity of Saint of Holy death. Her most popular shrine is standing in downtown Mexico City. At that time it was only a matter of time and faith, but now people turned it into body art. Some people really believe that these tattoos are really effective and helpful. Read more about Is Tattoo removal cream safe?

More than 5 million Mexicans and the same amount of Mexican Americans worship saints. People believe that saints help them among criminals, sickness, give them strength, give them the opportunity to support their families. People believe that if they have her tattoo on their body she will save them from bullets, arrest by police, and many more. Santa Muerte Tattoos are religious tattoos.

Many people believe that the symbols were used as a healing sign in the old era. If you go to Catholic Church there you will see many images of Santa Muerte as they relate to his cult status.

Santa Muerte Tattoos designs suggestions:

There are many types of Santa Muerte Tattoos are available, I will suggest you the best design for these tattoos.

  • Butterfly design of Santa Muerte tattoo

This design of saint tattoos is quite pretty. It’s for women. Women who want the cute and playful thing at the same time. Butterflies are signs of happy thoughts, an embrace of life, and furthermore chances of travel.

  • Back shoulder the Saint of Death tattoo  

This is a colorful design tattoo and is if you are a big fan of large tattoos then you can enhance its size and enjoy the larger tattoo. For getting this tattoo you will have to give your 5 to 6 hours to the tattoo artist. It’s a long time-consuming tattoo.

  • Black and a scary tattoo of Santa Muerte

If you like horror tattoos and you are not afraid of death, then you can choose this tattoo. This design will look fabulous on your forearm. It’s a black inked tattoo.

  • Saint of death tattoos sleeve tattoo

This larger tattoo is a sign of death. If you believe in death you must get this tattoo it will cover your forearm as well as the shoulder.

  • Cute Muerte tattoo over the back

Some people love small sizes tattoos. If you love small tattoos then you can go with this tattoo. It will look amazing on your back as well as on your shoulder. It’s a colorful cute Santa Muerte tattoo. It’s for women.

  • Day of death colorful Santa Muerte tattoo

This is a bright colorful large tattoo. It is perfect for both men and women. It’s also a time-consuming tattoo. You will have to give your more than 6 hours for getting this tattoo.

If you will search the ideas online of Santa Muerte Tattoo then you will find thousands of designs of saint tattoos. And one thing that you have to keep in mind is that every tattoo has a different meaning. Which things you want, get that kind of tattoo on your body.

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