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Do You Know About the Common Types of CNC Router Machine?

by Eric

Some years ago, many workers in different companies used the regular standard router machine to cut other materials. But when production demands began to increase, the CNC router machine was introduced for the convenience of workers and for cutting the various materials into larger pieces to meet the production demands. And if you want to know important types of these machines, you must read this whole article. Let’s take a look at the common types of CNC router machines!

1. ATC CNC Router Machine:

This machine is consists of tool devices that automatically change without human interruption. It has a distinctive tool head that holds the different tools and tool magazines that provide a tool change facility.

And the computer software control this whole process of tools change smoothly and continuously without stopping the work. In this way, it saves a lot of time and increases the production rate. Read more about the Benefits of a Multi-slide Die Casting Machine.

2. CNC Wood Router:

This machine is a big benefit for woodworkers because it is designed so that its wood CNC routers move in three axes like X, Y, and Z at a time. This whole process of wood routers’ movement in three axes is controlled and managed by the specific software on the computer with the help of a controller. If you do work on a flat surface, then this machine is the best choice for you.

3. Rotary Axis CNC Router Machine:

This type of machine has a rotary device that revolves around its axis, and it is also known as the 4th Axis CNC wood router machine. It engraved cube-shaped pieces. Unlike other ordinary CNC wood routers, it does not need to maintain the rotary device with human interruption, and except this, the efficiency of the production increase.

4. Mini CNC Router Machine:

It is small in size and volume, so it is always used to engrave small pieces like crafts (things made by hands) and sand table models. Due to its small size, it has a big advantage in that it processes only small pieces and their packing; transportation occurs quickly.

5. 4th Axis CNC Router Machine:

This machine completes its processing work with the help of four axes like X, Y, Z, and A. The spindle of this machine moves in the right and left direction so, it makes access to the workpiece from many angles. And due to its axes, it processes the workpieces of irregular shape and three-dimensional workpieces.

6. Stone CNC Engraving Machine:

It is particularly designed for the processing of different stones. It is mainly used in engraving materials at a large scale, fancy word writing, to make different styles in the garden, and the crafting process.

7. Foam CNC Router Machine:

These are lightweight and used for foam cutting. Unlike other ordinary CNC machines, it performs the processing of large size of foam at a time. It is mostly used in the mold industry for the shaping of different materials like rubber and glass.


The above article has explained the important types of the CNC router machine, and hopefully, you will understand completely. If you want to buy the best CNC wood router machine, then Blue Elephant is the best choice.

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