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Get Rid of Bugs: The Eco-Friendly and Easy Way

by Eric

If you start seeing bugs in your home, you might think something is wrong. You will get worried and think of a way on how you will get rid of them.  When you’re dealing with bugs in your home, you want to make sure you are choosing the right product. As much as possible this product is effective and eco-friendly.

Check out some of the quickest ways to get rid of bugs.


An instant action spray is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get rid of any insects inside a house. Insect repellant sprays are available in different stores. Make sure to buy a safe product for the family’s protection. Though it is effective, we should also consider that using instant action spray can be harmful to us. It can cause some conditions like difficulty breathing and coughing.

Homemade Insecticide

Sometimes you don’t need to go to some Hardware or grocery store to buy synthetic bug spray. The remedy is only inside your kitchen

A harmless, budget-wise, and eco-friendly type of insecticide are things to keep in mind. It is an example of the organic type of approach. Natural ingredients like lime juice,  garlic, chili, and lavender can make essential oils. It contains properties that insects don’t like

The scent and texture of this natural insect repellent prevent them from freely roam around the house. This is also used by the home plant growers to protect their crops from insect attacks.

Proper waste disposal

There are different kinds of bugs and some of them are attracted to waste material. Though they can help organically by letting them eat food waste without the proper process of doing and experts advice.but it can cause health problems within our home. By proper waste disposal, we lessen the access of these waste-eating bugs in our home. Applying this way of getting rid of bugs also gives us a chance to maintain the cleanliness of our home and reduces the infestation within the community. Most importantly avoid wasting food and try to consume what is necessary for our family.

Constant washing of Fabric/Textile material

The most common bug in our home is the Bed bugs, they are very small insects that hide around the bed piping and seams of mattresses. Bed bugs are blood-sucking insects that can cause skin rashes and severe itchiness if not treated immediately. In some rural areas in other countries, they use Kakawate leaves as Bed bugs neutralizer but in case of heavy infestation of bugs in our room, the best way is constantly washing and changing our bedsheet, pillow mattress, and blankets to remove even the bugs eggs.

Don’t let the bugs and insects invade your house. Immediately think of effective ways on how to get rid of them. The eco-friendly and easy way mentioned above is simple solutions that could help resolve your pest problem. If you have no one to ask about this kind of problem, or when in doubt, calling a professional like termite control Howell is always available to help you. You can keep them in your options as well.

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