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5 Ideas to Help You Get More Deep Sleep

by Eric

Do you get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day but still wake up less refreshed? Mostly, this happens when you miss out on getting to the deep sleep stage. The deep sleep stage is responsible for repairing and healing the body, revitalizing your immune system, and replenishing cells. For this reason, you should get enough of it to wake up energized and refreshed every day. Ensure you have a firm and quality nectar mattress. You do not want to be turning and tossing due to an old mattress or a squeaky bed. In this article are tips and tricks to help you get more deep sleep.

  • Exercise at the right time 

Getting the right amount of exercise at the right time is vital. At least 30 minutes of exercise five times a week. This can be also moderate physical activities like light jogging, walking the dog, or yoga. Not only will exercise expend your energy, but it will extend your deep sleep. Notably, avoid doing strenuous exercise close to bedtime as it will interfere with you getting the sleep you need. Doing exercise in the morning helps you feel energized and be ready for your day. Late afternoon is also a good time for exercise that will help you burn any stress of the day. Ensure you do not exercise too close to bedtime for you need to create time to relax and unwind before bed. In this way, you get enough deep sleep too and you wake up with more energy.  Read more about Healthy Food Choices For People With Diabetes.

  • Be careful with the caffeine 

Caffeine consumption has negative effects on your sleep. Many people who consume caffeine from morning to evening can attest to getting poor sleep. The time of day that you stop taking caffeine will surprise you for not many people feel they can stay without their energy booster. Since caffeine stays in the system for at least 6 hours. Any caffeine you consume after midday will still be in your system by the time you are going to bed. As a result, it increases the time you spend in lighter stages of sleep and it decreases the amount of time you spend in deep sleep. Thus, ensure that 6 hours to your bedtime you avoid taking anything with caffeine to get the best chance of getting more deep sleep and overall healthy sleep.


  • Hypnosis before bed 

People who practice hypnosis before bed tend to get more deep sleep. Listening to these sleep-promoting recorded audios with hypnotic suggestions shows in studies that it will help you spend more time in deep sleep. In comparison to those that did not listen to them. This is a technique that is now gaining popularity and to try it out, you can get both free and paid audios to start. Thus, choose one that will appeal to you and use it before you sleep. The best way to do this is to turn it off before you sleep or use a timer to shut it automatically. In this way, the sounds will not disrupt your sleep once you fall asleep.


  • Create a pre-bed routine

Another way to improve deep sleep and fall asleep faster is to create a sleep routine where you wind down and relax before bed. Before you head to bed you want to feel relaxed and not anxious. To do this, you can try having a warm bath, meditating, reading, listening to soft music, and other activities as long as they are relaxing. Avoid using electronics and your mobile phone at least 30 minutes before bed and be consistent with the routine to reap its benefits.


  • Try pink noise 

Sleeping with a pink noise sound constantly helps to boost deep sleep for users. Also, research shows that it is beneficial to patients suffering from mild cognitive impairment helping them get deep sleep and improve their memories as well. You can invest in one of these sound machines and choose the sounds that you feel are best for you. Also, you can choose an air purifier or fan for their background noise and the bonus of clean air and temperature control.


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