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Ovacue Fertility Monitor

by Eric

The OvaCue Fertility Monitor is a device designed to help women track and predict their fertile window by monitoring changes in electrolyte levels in saliva and cervical mucus. Here’s an overview of how the OvaCue works and its key features:

Features & Technology:

The OvaCue uses a patented technology called the Electrolyte Method to measure changes in the electrolyte levels in saliva and cervical mucus. This is based on the understanding that hormonal fluctuations during the menstrual cycle affect electrolyte concentrations.

Handheld Monitor:

The OvaCue Fertility Monitor is a handheld device that you use daily. It has sensors that you place on your tongue to measure electrolyte levels in your saliva.

Vaginal Sensor:

In addition to the oral sensor, the OvaCue system includes a vaginal sensor. This sensor is inserted daily to monitor changes in cervical mucus. It helps provide a more comprehensive picture of your fertility indicators.

Fertility Prediction:

The OvaCue is designed to predict fertility up to seven days in advance. By analyzing changes in electrolyte levels, it aims to identify the fertile window, including the days leading up to ovulation.

Color-Coded Readings:

The OvaCue monitor provides color-coded readings to indicate different phases of your menstrual cycle. For example, it may show different colors for low fertility, high fertility, and peak fertility.

Cycle Data Storage:

The device stores cycle data, allowing you to track and analyze patterns over time. This can help understand your unique menstrual cycle and predict future fertile windows.

Mobile App Integration:

OvaCue offers a mobile app that syncs with the monitor, allowing you to track and view your fertility data conveniently on your smartphone.

User-Friendly Interface:

The OvaCue Fertility Monitor is designed to be user-friendly, with a simple interface that provides clear readings and information.

It’s important to note that while some women find success with the OvaCue in predicting their fertile days, individual experiences may vary. Additionally, like any fertility tracking method, it’s not foolproof, and other factors such as stress, illness, or irregular cycles can influence the results.


If you’re considering using the OvaCue or any fertility tracker device, it’s a good idea to consult with healthcare professionals or fertility experts for guidance. They can help you understand the device’s suitability for your specific situation and provide additional advice on optimizing your chances of conception.

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