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These are the best reasons for a VPN on your iPhone or Mac

by Eric

You have probably heard of VPN. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and you have probably come across with this term on your Apple device. And if you work from home, you probably do it via a VPN connection. But is such a VPN just for work? No! It can’t be.

You might be surprised what you can do with it. We will discuss here some good reasons why you should also install a VPN service on your Macbook, iPhone or iPad.

1. Use free internet

There are many countries that use an internet censorship and almost every government monitors and logs in the internet use of the inhabitants of its own (or other people’s) country. Obviously, censorship can have serious consequences due to the information provided and the quality of life of citizens. While internet surveillance can certainly have some good aspects, it can also be very problematic. Surveillance appears to be used not only for what governments claim to do (combating terrorism and state security).

A good example are the revelations made by Edward Snowden and WikiLeaks in recent years. In conclusion, there are enough reasons for people to be willing to avoid possible censorship and a watching government. A VPN can be used perfectly for this. With a VPN your data will be highly encrypted and your location is changed. This makes your internet use difficult to control and you can escape imposed censorship.

2. Increase your security and protect your identity

The main reason for using a VPN is to increase your security. When we surf the internet, all traffic is vulnerable in transit. Sensitive information can be intercepted and stolen. However, anyone using a VPN can ensure that all data is protected by a special encryption. Most VPN providers use 256-bit encryption, which is the highest form of encryption in the world. You shouldn’t imagine that sensitive emails or even your bank information will end up on the street, right?


When we use the internet, all kind of information about us is collected. Big data is the keyword. By collecting and adding data, advertisers try to display advertising that fits your profile. This method is quite intrusive. But, with a VPN you mask your identity and it becomes more difficult for companies to monitor your surfing behavior. Popular VPNs make it even impossible to track user’s information.

3. Use Google anonymously

Google is a huge company that has ensured that internet (usage) reaches a bizarre size. This well-known internet giant offers a lot of high-quality services and is increasingly trying to achieve a total package for its users. However, using this total package has a downside. Google is learning more and more about you. You can already notice this because the advertisements you see on many websites are adapted to your internet behavior.

For the privacy experts among us, this is a reason enough to have all their internet traffic encrypted via a VPN. This makes it possible to surf the internet more anonymously. It is of course important to take a few more privacy measures, like for example not logging into Google.

4. You can connect to a remote network

Another advantage of a VPN is the ability to connect to a remote network. This is a major advantage for companies in particular, but for some individuals it is also a benefit.

With a VPN you can connect remotely to, for example, the network of your work. This also allows you to connect to the protected company network from home. It is very useful for an organization with regular homeworkers or someone who works from home for a long time, for example due to illnesses. In any case, most large companies already have a VPN to secure their networks. But, for somewhat smaller companies, where data protection plays a smaller role, there are of course also good business VPN solutions.

This function of a VPN can also be useful for some private users. For example, if you have your own network at home with which you manage your security cameras and outdoor lighting, you might also want to be able to see it from your holidays. With a VPN you can connect to your personal network from any place.

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