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Wedding dress dry cleaning near me

by Eric

Dry cleaning is a process in which a liquid solvent is used in place of water and other detergents to clean your dress. Tetrachloroethylene is the most common solvent used for the removal of stains. Do many people ask that is it safe to dry clean a wedding dress or not?? The answer is that it is completely safe to dry clean a wedding dress because dry cleaning doesn’t damage your clothes rather it protects your clothes.

Questions to ask before sending your wedding  dress for dry cleaning:

As we all know that a wedding dress has great value in our lives and we can’t make any compromise with it. So we should be very careful in case of dry cleaning our wedding dress. Therefore, you should ask these questions before sending your wedding dress to a dry cleaner:

  1. Process and chemicals:

You should ask about the process and chemicals to be used for the cleaning of your dress because wedding dresses are made of sensitive material which needs special care and protection to maintain the beauty of your dress. Avoid such dry cleaning companies, who use cheap solvents because they can damage your dress. Read more about How many people should I invite to my wedding?

  1. Warranty:

Before giving your dress to dry cleaning companies you should ask them that if your dress gets damaged in case then the company will compensate or not.

  1. Cleaned separately or not:

Many dry cleaning companies soak many clothes together in the washtub. Make sure that your dress is cleaned separately because wedding dresses are made of delicate fabrics, which can be damaged by washing them with other clothes.

  1. Employees are trained for cleaning wedding dresses or not???

You must ask the dry cleaning companies whether their employees are specially trained to deal with a wedding dress or not, because only a trained person can handle it in a better way, without causing any damage. Time is taken to dry clean a wedding dress. It may take some days or a month depending on your dress. If your dress is very heavy then it takes a long time to be dry cleaned.

Ways to find wedding dress dry cleaner:

There are many ways to find a wedding dress dry cleaner. Some are discussed below:

  • Go to google map and search for the wedding dress dry cleaning near me, then it will show you the dry cleaners near you. Then choose the one according to your need.
  • You may ask your friends about the experienced and best wedding dress dry cleaners.

Benefits of dry cleaning a wedding dress:

  • As we know that every fabric has its own duration and after some time it starts yellowing (that occurs when the fabric suffers chemical degradation). So to prevent from yellowing your dress you need to dry clean it.
  • Thus it helps you in storing your dress.
  • Chance to pass down your wedding dress to the next generation and create a family tradition.
  • It maintains the beauty of your dress.

How much does wedding dress dry cleaning charge??

The average cost of dry cleaning a wedding dress ranges from $ 350 to $610.Dry cleaning of a casual dress costs almost $ 12.However dry cleaning of a suit (2 pieces) costs almost $ 15.

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