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Home Dry cleaning The best Home dry cleaning machine for you

The best Home dry cleaning machine for you

by Eric

The dry cleaning machine is the same as the combination of a home washing machine and dryer. Dry cleaning is a cleaning process in which clothes are cleaned by using liquid solvents in place of water. It removes all the stains and dust. In this process, clothes are dipped in a solvent like perchloroethylene ( also called PERC ). Dry cleaning is used for clothes that cannot be washed with detergents in washing machines. Because some clothes are made of delicate fabrics which need special care and protection. Dry cleaning prevents the clothes from shrinking. It maintains the color and quality of clothes. Many people dry clean their clothes at home using a home dry cleaning machine.

Working of home dry cleaning machine:

A home dry cleaning machine is similar to simple washing and dryer machine consisting of the inner drum that makes up the core of the machine. This perforated drum is fixed horizontally that rotates within the outer shell of the machine. The drum bears a load of clothes while the shell controls the solvent. The drum can bear a weight of 10 kg to 40 kg. The drum is half-filled with the solvent used for dry cleaning and begins to rotate. The clothes move around or back and forth. The temperature of the solvent is kept at almost 30 degrees Celsius ( which is almost 86 degrees in Fahrenheit ) because high temperatures can damage the solvent. Read more about Wedding dress dry cleaning near me.

Then the solvent is drawn out and is shifted to the distillation unit which consists of a boiler and condenser. The density of perchloroethylene is almost 1.7 g/cm³. The Wash cycle continues for 8 to 10 minutes or more depending upon the type of cloth. Some delicate fabrics ( just as feather bedspreads ) are packed in loose mesh bags. During the final cycle, the clothes are passed through the rinse cycle. After the rinse cycle, the machine starts the extraction process in which the solvent is recovered. In modern machines, almost 99.99% of the solvent is recovered. The extraction process starts by accelerating the drum 350 to 450 rpm.

When all the solvent has spun out than the machine starts the drying process. During the drying cycle solvents which are not spun out,  are evaporated. This process causes less air pollution. In the beginning, it was thought that the solvent ( perc ) is cheap and it has no major effect on the environment. After the drying cycle, the aeration cycle starts and after it, clothes are cleaned and ready for pressing.

How to dry clean clothes at home?

Do many people ask that how they would dry clean their clothes at home???? There are many ways to dry clean your clothes at home, one of them is discussed below:

  1. If there is any stain on the cloth you want to dry clean, then firstly you should apply stain removal on that stain, then rub it slightly.
  2. Then the process of the machine starts which is described above. After the process of the machine hang your clothes on the hanger to dry.
  3. At last use a steamer to remove folds and lines from your clothes.

Is it safe to dry clean clothes at home?

Yes, it is safe to dry clean clothes at home if you follow the steps correctly. If you know the right steps of dry cleaning then you don’t need to waste your money to hire professional dry cleaners. It costs less to dry clean your clothes at home.

How much home dry cleaning machine costs:

It costs almost US $7000.the price depends upon the quality and brands of the machine.

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