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3 Things To Teach Your Kids About Fire Safety

by Eric

If you have children who live at home with you, one thing you’re going to want to make sure they’re always prepared for is the event of a house fire. Because kids often have a hard time knowing what to do in scary situations, it’s vital that you and your family learn together how to avoid a house fire and what should be done if a house fire were to break out in your home.

To help you with all of this and more, here are three things to teach your kids about fire safety. 

Teach Children Not To Play With Fire:

Arguably the best way to keep your family safe from fire is to teach your children not to play with fire and to avoid things within the home that could cause a fire. Especially when your children are young and shouldn’t be handling these things in the first place, it’s very important that you teach kids what around the house could be dangerous and potentially start a fire. 

Things like matches, lighters, and candles should be kept up and away from where your young children can reach them. Additionally, you’ll need to teach your children to be careful about being in the kitchen around things like the stove or oven, as fires can be started here as well. 

How To Recognize A Fire They Can’t See?

If a fire were to happen in your home when everyone is awake, the smoke alarms or the visual of the fire will help your children and your family know that they need to leave the premises. But if a fire happens during the night, you’ll want to teach your kids how to recognize that there’s a fire when they may not be able to see it. 

To do this, teach your children how to touch their door handle before opening the door if they are awoken by the fire alarm at night. If the door knob or handle is too hot to touch, have them go out the window rather than opening the door, as the fire could be too close to them and spread more if the door were to be opened. 

Practice Your Fire Plan:

Along with learning how to tell if there’s a fire outside their bedroom door, you’ll also want to go over a plan for what you’ll do if there’s a fire in your home. With this plan, you should do a practice run at least a few times a year so that your kids can quickly and easily know what to do if a real fire breaks out. 

These practice runs should include things like staying low to the ground, opening the bedroom window, getting outside of the house, and meeting at a specified location.

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If you want your kids to stay safe around fires and know what to do in the event of a fire in your house, consider using the tips mentioned above to help your family be prepared. 


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