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Buying Your First Bongs – A Newbie’s Guide

by Eric

Due to the wide range of materials, shapes, and sizes, and accessories, many people find it intimidating. In order to answer all the questions that come up when buying the first bong, we have gathered the answers to these questions.

Let’s Start With What Is Obvious:

The decision of what to do with materials. The two materials, glass, and acrylic are both good and bad in their own ways.

A thermoplastic or acrylic may be heat- and scratch-resistant, but glass, by and large, is more beautiful and easy to perfect. The downside of glass, however, is its fragility. Experienced bong smokers will lecture you if you break it. This makes them unsuitable for outdoor use.

Plastic bongs are heavier, stronger, more convenient to use outdoors, and they’re cheaper. The majority of people buy plastic bongs in late spring to accompany a party or to swim in the lake. In spite of typical care, plastic bongs tend to develop a bad taste over time that’s nearly impossible to get rid of. Read more about the Amazing Services of Walmart Burbank.

Glass bongs offer a better taste. With the support there, it’s much easier, and you’ll probably have a lot of fun with them if you do. Also available are additions such as precoolers, activated carbon channels, bowls, or debris catchers.

The Shape: Does It Matter?

The variety of shapes is amazing! Is it worth taking one? When it comes to smoking, the state of the line is crucial. Using a bong with a midsection helps squeeze in more water. Smoke will be cooled, so you will have to change the bong water less often. You’ll need to race to the sink more often if you change the water frequently.

We recommend a small bong if you’re just starting out. As long as the line is smaller, your lungs won’t be too heavily hit, especially when starting out. Shapes that increase smoking comfort do little for taste or cooling.

The Size Of A Bong Affects How Much Smoke You Get?

For bongs, sizes range from miniatures to 90cm beasts. Depending on the components of your bong, you can determine how much smoke flows through the line. Because newbies have a small lung capacity, you shouldn’t run for the giant too soon.

A bong that is too big cannot be dominated immediately, regardless of whether you put it down a few times, pause, or rest. A small bong contains little water to cool the smoke, and its wind stream is often overly short. You will likely taste the bong water when hitting the bong. Instead, pick a pleasant medium size. It is ideal for beginners.


It is the same in the bong shop as it is in other industries: there are a few very big brands that are gaining a lot of ground. Their differences lie primarily in the quality of the material, in handling, and in advertising. Don’t try too hard to find the bong that will make your experience enjoyable. Regardless of whether this is applicable for you as an amateur is exclusively dictated by your spending plan.

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