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Why Dental cleaning is essential? Pros and Cons of Dental cleaning

by Eric

Dental cleaning is a protective procedure and is an essential part of oral hygiene. It is performed by dentists, in which they aim to remove the dental plaque and tartar, to keep gums and teeth healthy, and to make our breath fresh. Tartar is a hard deposit of calcium assembled on teeth in the same way as limestone gathers on kettles after passing some time. Mostly it resembles the color of teeth, so it is rather hard for a normal person to recognize it, but in some rare cases, its color turns black or brown. It is very important to remove it on time, otherwise, teeth become a platform for bacteria to perform their activities. Proper cleaning of teeth is very necessary as it becomes very difficult for bacteria to stick on clean and smooth teeth.

The procedure of dental cleaning:

This procedure is performed by a dentist involving the following steps:

  • Dental scaling:

It is the simple process in which the sticky layer accumulated on teeth is removed.

  • Teeth polishing:

After dental scaling, the next step is the smoothing or polishing of teeth, which lessen the attack of bacteria. Read more about dental implants.

  • Surgical intervention:

This is required when a large amount of tartar is accumulated on teeth and cannot be removed by using the above scaling and polishing techniques. In this procedure, dentists use different tools or instruments to remove these deposits from the teeth. It is important, because a large amount of tartar, pieces of bones, or tough tissues stuck in teeth may cause wounds in the skin, which can be cured by this technique. This procedure is also known as debridement. Some instruments required for this purpose are as follows:

  • Scissors
  • Blade
  • Pair of pincers
  • Ablator etc

Benefits of Dental cleaning:

Teeth can be cleaned at home by using toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss and mouth wash, etc. But when the amount of tartar is increased, then it cannot be removed by regular brushing. So professional dental cleaning is required. There are many benefits of a dental cleaning, some of which are as follows:

  • Makes your smile more attractive.
  • Makes your breath fresh.
  • Prevented from the attack of cavities.
  • Makes our teeth strong and healthy by protecting the roots of teeth.
  • Prevented teeth loss.
  • Boost up our overall health.
  • Prevent gum diseases.
  • Prevent mouth cancers.

Disadvantages of Dental cleaning:

If treatment is done by some untrained doctor in an improper way then the following symptoms may occur:

  • It may affect the roots of teeth which can cause sensitivity.
  • Gum bleeding may occur and may cause pain.
  • Nerves may get damaged if debridement is performed improperly.
  • Inexperienced treatment does not ensure the reattachment of gums with teeth.
  • Some other infections may also occur.
  • May cause swelling in gums.

To avoid all these discomforts, always consult an expert dentist.

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