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SmileDirectClub Launches Its New Lifetime Smile Guarantee

by Eric

SmileDirectClub celebrated World Health Day in extraordinary fashion this year by unveiling its new Lifetime Smile Guarantee™. Unique in the industry, the Lifetime Smile Guarantee allows qualified SmileDirectClub clients to receive one free set of aligners per year if their prescribing dentist or orthodontist deems it necessary for achieving the desired results.

A direct-to-consumer oral care company that has been doing business for nearly a decade, SmileDirectClub offers a convenient and effective alternative to traditional orthodontic braces. The origins of the company, however, date back even further.

SmileDirectClub’s founders, Alex Fenkell and Jordan Katzman, first met as teenagers during summer camp and have remained close friends into adulthood. The pair conceived of the revolutionary SmileDirectClub teeth-straightening model while reminiscing about the uncomfortable and unattractive metal braces that had filled Alex’s mouth when he was 13 years old.

Seeking to spare others the experiences of the metal braces that were prevalent during their teen years, Fenkell and Katzman developed a whole new way to move and straighten teeth. They partnered with Camelot Venture Group to overcome the overwhelming technical obstacles and stringent regulatory restrictions that are part and parcel of the orthodontics industry. They ultimately established SmileDirectClub in 2014.

Instead of permanent metal braces, SmileDirectClub uses removable clear aligner trays to shift teeth into the desired position. Beyond these extremely comfortable and highly effective aligner trays, the company has created and released a broad spectrum of teeth-straightening and general oral health products. These products include a series of oral retainers that are worn after aligner treatment. By wearing these retainers, customers can effectively prevent their teeth from shifting back into their original, undesirable positions.

In addition to changing the way that orthodontists straighten teeth, SmileDirectClub has changed the way that customers receive orthodontic services. Dedicated to “democratizing orthodontics,” the company developed a direct-to-consumer distribution system that makes orthodontic treatment far more convenient to obtain and helps to keep price points relatively low. Its vertically integrated telehealth business model has brought straighter teeth and improved health to countless people who would otherwise be unable to obtain orthodontic services.

Driven by its unique clinical partnerships, administrative policies, and business approach, SmileDirectClub quickly grew into one of the fastest-expanding oral healthcare companies in the United States. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, the SmileDirectClub of today serves well over a million customers who span the globe.

Now, SmileDirectClub is pioneering an industry-first innovation that guarantees a straighter smile for life. The company views its new offering as a natural part of its larger guiding commitment to helping customers get a healthier smile and improve their overall oral health.

The new SmileDirectClub Lifetime Smile Guarantee™ was designed to deliver even more value to SmileDirectClub customers by ensuring that eligible customers will never have to pay another cent in order to straighten their smile. In short, it promises service for life to customers who have successfully completed its pioneering telehealth platform for teeth straightening, as it is mentioned on Smile Direct Reviews by The Teeth Blog.

“Teeth naturally move throughout a person’s life, even after completing any teeth-straightening service,” explains SmileDirectClub Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Jeffrey Sulitzer. “Our Lifetime Smile Guarantee ensures our Club Members can keep their new smile for life and reap the additional benefits from a lifelong straighter smile, including the ability to improve oral health and potentially reduce chronic inflammation of the gums which helps avoid diseases like diabetes, coronary artery disease, and rheumatoid arthritis.”

After completing SmileDirectClub clear aligner therapy, customers become eligible for the Lifetime Smile Guarantee™ by maintaining an active SmileDirectClub retainer subscription and ordering two retainers per year according to standard clinical recommendations. At the end of retainer treatment, the Lifetime Smile Guarantee™ enables a customer to receive one free set of aligners each year if determined necessary by his or her prescribing orthodontist or dentist.

In the words of John Sheldon, Chief Marketing Officer of SmileDirectClub. the Smile Guarantee “provides a tremendous value to our customer.”  Speaking on behalf of his company, he said, “We pride ourselves on providing consumers the best option in teeth straightening and a superior customer experience without the 3x markup of our leading competitor.”

Sheldon praises the Lifetime Smile Guarantee™ for its ability to bring another level of service to its clients. “It ensures SmileDirectClub’s premium, doctor-directed treatment is guaranteed for life and that our customers continue to receive our unparalleled customer support well beyond their initial treatment…. This innovative offering is unmatched in the industry, extends the lifetime customer relationship for SmileDirectClub, and highlights just one of the many ways becoming a member of the Club delivers the best possible experience.”

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