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Turvo collaborative logistics company

by Eric

Turvo is the first real-time collaborative logistics platform that brings shippers, brokers, and carriers together to work together across the supply chain. Turvo is modernizing the system things shift by creating a standard way to contribute to, converse, and cooperate with each other in real-time. It is the most powerful platform for making smarter, faster, and more informed decisions. Turvo takes all the time and money spent on redundant manual tasks and makes it easy to securely connect with anyone in real-time.

Turvo is the heart of digitalization:

“Turvo is at the heart of the digitalization of the worldwide deliver chain,” said Scott Lang, chairman, and CEO of Turvo. “We are grateful to work with ground-breaking clients such as Ryder, Lineage Logistics, and major shippers to help them streamline their operations and rethink the way our industry thinks about the customer experience.”

Turvo’s software platform is user-friendly, collaborative, and easy to use. The platform operates across the entire supply chain and includes the following features:

Collaboration between companies:

Turvo keeps everyone on the same page by making it easier to exchange goods and documents, send messages and assign tasks to people both inside and outside the organization, reducing the number of calls and emails.

Real-Time Visibility: Turvo tracks shipments in real-time from dispatch to delivery using Turvo’s mobile app and hardware sensors, giving companies unprecedented visibility into their supply chain.

AI-powered performance: Smart notifications, instant search, contextual actions, and automated recommendations help you make smarter, faster decisions.

Billing and payments: With a single collaboration platform, digital invoices can be instantly exchanged, and payments can be scheduled automatically, eliminating the need for email and faxes, so everyone gets paid faster.

Security and Privacy: Turvo is secure in design and built on an enterprise-grade cloud platform. Granular privacy controls ensure that users are always in control of who can see what.

Why supply chains need Turvo:

Supply chain professionals find it challenging to operate efficiently because the vital information they need gets stuck in disconnected systems. Thus, many companies experience:

  • Difficulty meeting customer expectations
  • Inefficient supply chains with manual processes
  • Excessive costs, fees, penalties, and obligations

Supply chain leaders recognized the potential power of digital transformation long ago, but legacy systems could not provide the necessary connectivity. Likewise, most collaboration software does not serve the supply chain without integration into mission-critical enterprise systems. Consequently, customers have a bad experience while competitors take advantage of more growth opportunities. There is a way to work better.

Turvo: the missing link in the supply chain

Turvo Collaboration Cloud connects people, systems, and processes in the supply chain. Logistics associations use Turvo to join together different systems, view their data in one place, take action quickly in context, and share that information securely with customers. Its unique architecture, state-of-the-art API-driven platform, reliable service with critical uptime, and user-friendly design provide a customer-centric view of the supply chain. As organizations grow Turvo provides a scalable, forward-looking framework that enables rapid microservices development, continuous process optimization, and more.

With Turvo, everyone has visibility – and more importantly, the ability to act – in relation to inventory, orders, shipments, billing, and real-time customer service. This allows everyone to collaborate more effectively and provide excellent customer service. In addition, Turvo helps build sustainable teams that are more flexible and responsive to customers and markets.

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