7 Things to Remember When Using a Smoking Bowl
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7 Things to Remember When Using a Smoking Bowl

by Eric

If you are an amateur in the cannabis world, choosing an ideal device for smoking is a daunting task. A smoking bowl is one such commonly used pipe for beginners. While it is a convenient way compared to rolling the weed into a paper, you need several things before you start smoking from a bowl. Once you understand the best way to do it, you can enjoy your smoking sessions with maximum comfort.

What is a Smoking Bowl?

A smoking bowl is a part of a glass pipe where you can fill tobacco, cannabis, and other substances. They are widely popular because of their portability, size, colors, and shapes.

According to recent statistics, the rise in consumption of various smokable medicinal herbs like Mullein, White Horehound, Hyssop, Korean Ginseng, and others has increased the smoking accessories market. Here are the seven essential factors you must consider while using a smoking bowl. Read more about the Medical Benefits Of Marijuana As In The Form Of CBD.

Select the Right Type of Bowl:

Here are some best bowls which will provide a smooth hit and are incredibly durable.

Glass Pipes:

These are spoon-shaped pipes attached to a straight stem and a round bowl. The bowl holds the substance, and the smoke can be inhaled from the chamber. You can find innovative pipes with unique contours and bumps with a unique touch.

Bong or Water Pipes:

These are long, standing pipes that have bowls attached like water chambers. As the smoke gets pulled through the water, you get a cooling effect when you inhale. Bongs allow you to get a bigger hit because of the larger size and chamber of the bowl space.


These are expensive smoking devices, which come with a giant bowl. You can find two main types of bubblers, a standing one and the one with a hammerhead.

Grind the Substance:

Before you pack your smoking bowl, you must grind the substance into a powder. You must avoid cutting the weed with scissors and stuffing it carelessly inside the bowl.

Fill the Bowl Perfectly:

You must put the right amount of cannabis while giving breathing space to the powdered particles. You should then fill the bowl firmly to fit the weed. Your tolerance to the substance and the size of the bowl will help to calculate the right amount to fill it with.

Cornering the Bowl:

The first step to mastering the method of smoking out of a bowl is learning to corner. To preserve the greens and to take huge hits of the ash, this is an inevitable method. When you bring the lighter towards the bowl, you must make sure to burn only a small section of the substance. You can then slowly burn the greens until the corners turn to ash completely.

Take the Perfect Hit:

You can follow these basic steps to smoke out of a bowl. You must keep your thumb on the bowl and light it up. Inhale a small amount and then continue pulling it in until you feel it in your lungs. If you have a high tolerance, you can inhale it for a few more seconds.

Remove the Ash After Use:

Here are some best ways to clean the bowl after every use. This process is called ashing the bowl. To do this, you will have to turn the smoking bowl upside down. Then, tap it at the back to remove the ash. You can blow the pipe again to remove any clogged ash in the pipe. You can also use a sharp item like a paper clip or a tooth-prick to scrape any remaining ash stuck in the smoking bowl.

Clean and Maintain the Bowl:

You can find many cleaning solutions in the market to keep your smoking bowl hygienic and safe for use. It would be best to clean it with an alcoholic soap and then rinse it with warm water. You can then wipe it thoroughly with a dry cloth and keep it ready to use anytime in the future.

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