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Koi CBD vape juice: Complete details

by Eric

Koi CBD is the no # 1 and most trusted brand that provides the best results to its customers. Koi CBD vape juice is the final product found after processing the US-grown hemp. It is a good product but the bad thing about it is that its price is high. Koi CBD vape juice is also known as E-juice. It was launched to make good products for the public.

Directions to use Koi CBD vape juice:

You can use it anytime when you need it. You can use it by mixing it in your favorite E-Liquids. Do not exceed 320F or 35W or can be used in any vape device.


Each Koi CBD vape juice bottle contains 30ml of vape juice infused with hemp extract that contains naturally occurring CBD. Following ingredients are used in the preparation of Koi CBD vape juice:

  • Hemp extract
  • Food grade vegetable glycerine
  • Propylene glycol
  • Natural and artificial flavorings

Flavors of koi CBD e-juice:

The strength of Koi CBD e-juice is 100mg, 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg. It is available in different flavors. The name of some flavors is listed below:

  • Koi Gold (Vanilla Caramel Custard)
  • Koi Blue (Blue Raspberry Dragon fruit)
  • Koi White (Flavorless Additive)
  • Koi Pink (Pink Lemonade)
  • Koi Red (Strawberry Milkshake)
  • Koi Jade (Watermelon Green Apple)
  • Koi Purple (Tropical Popsicle)

Health benefits of CBD e-juice:

There are many benefits of using it. Its main uses are CBD Vape Juice for Mood Disorders, CBD vape juice for stress, CBD vape juice for anxiety. Many incidents can become the cause of stress such as financial difficulties, traumatic life events i.e. death of some loved one. We know that stress is very dangerous for us. If we don’t get the right treatment then an extended period of stress can lead to many health concerns such as depression, heart disease, high blood pressure, ulcers, and much more. Read more about Garden of Life CBD.

CBD to THC ratio:

Cannabis is a plant that is made up of a wide variety of active chemical components, which are used for the treatment of different many diseases.   There are over 500 different chemicals discovered in the cannabis plant. The two well-researched cannabinoids in the plant are THC and CBD. As everything has some positive effects and some negative effects. THC is a powerful chemical that is famous for providing relief from:

Pain, Inflammation, Nausea, Depression.

How to choose the right CBD to THC ratio?

There are many CBD to THC ratios, some of the ratios that are used mostly are:

  • A CBD to THC Ratio of 0:1 means this is an all THC product.
  • A CBD to THC Ratio of 1:0 is for Folks.
  • A CBD to THC Ratios of 1:2–1:4 Provides More Balance With a Slight High.

High Hemp CBD Wraps:

The High Hemp CBD Wraps come in 7 flavors. All the organic hemp CBD wraps are lab tested and contain no additives. The organic hemp CBD wraps are available in 9 flavors. These are:

Hyrdo Lemonade, Blazin Cherry, Maui Mango, Bare Berry, No Flavour (Plain), Grape Ape, Honey Pot Swirl, Banana Goo, Paradise Pineapple, Hubba Bubba, Baked Cookies

High hemp CBD wraps offer a nicotine-free option to those looking for a cigar-like format without the blood pressure spike. That’s why hemp wraps are so popular. It offers an earthy, grainy aroma.

 Pros of high hemp CBD wraps:

  • CBD+ Infused
  • Flavorless


  • Quick Burn
  • Uneven Burn

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