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Benefits Of Getting Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment from a Dentist

by Eric

Miami is one of the most popular holiday destinations in America. As per the 2020 census, the city has a population of 442,241 and is the second most populous in Florida. In addition to its beaches, Miami is known for its dental facilities. Finding the best dentist Miami isn’t difficult, as more than 1020 dentists are practicing in the city. Teeth whitening and dental implants are among the most popular treatments.

Most people try to maintain their oral health by brushing twice a day and using chewing gum. However, you can also get professional teeth whitening treatment from a dentist to enjoy a whiter smile. There are many benefits to having the work done professionally, and you will learn all about them in this article.

No Allergic Reactions

Some people become sensitive to the chemicals found in many teeth whitening gels. While most don’t even know they are allergic, they find that their lips or other mouth areas swell up after using the strips. It is a good idea to make an appointment with your dentist if you think you might be allergic to teeth whitening gels.¬† The dentist will ask you about your medical history and allergies and treat you accordingly.

Improved Results

The results are often better when you have professional teeth whitening done by a dentist than if you try to do it at home. You can also eliminate more staining with a professional dental whitening treatment than regular OTC products. A professional teeth whitening treatment can cost from $300 to $800 in Miami. Read more about What Are The Types Of Emergencies That Require Visiting An Orthodontist Immediately?

No Sensitivity Issues

Another common side effect of using many over-the-counter teeth whiteners is that they can make your gums and lips sensitive to hot and cold. This will be less of a problem when you visit your dentist because they can control the gel’s temperature to minimize any discomfort.

Great for Smokers

Florida ranks 14th among the states that have a high number of smokers. Smokers are far more likely to have yellow teeth than non-smokers. This is because smoking breaks down the enamel and damages the inner layer of your teeth. If you want to get rid of this yellowish discoloration, getting professional dental whitening is the best way to do it. Smokers are also less likely to experience sensitivity when they have their treatment done by a dentist rather than using an over-the-counter product.

Even Application

When you use a kit at home, it isn’t easy to get the whitening gel on all of your teeth. This can leave some spots with dark stains where no gel was applied. The best dentist in Miami will apply the medication directly onto these spots, giving you more even results when your treatment is done.

Better Results

Many over-the-counter products offer shade numbers, but dentists know that these numbers don’t accurately represent your teeth’s shade. This means that you will reach the same level of whiteness no matter which product you pick. However, when a dentist does professional teeth whitening, they can give you exact measurements of how white your teeth are so that you know exactly what to expect once your treatment is complete.


The benefits of getting professional teeth whitening treatment from a dentist are many. Avoiding the harsh chemicals found in most teeth whitening products will have much better results and avoid possible allergic reactions. If you want whiter, brighter teeth, make sure you make an appointment with a qualified dentist who offers teeth whitening services in Miami.

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