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A Complete Guide to Orthodontic Treatment in Winnipeg

by Eric

Winnipeg is renowned as the gateway of the west and is Canada’s pride and joy in terms of cultural heritage. It has the most diversified economy in all of Manitoba province, and a substantial portion of its GDP comes from dental schools and orthodontic treatments.

Orthodontics Winnipeg is a unique area of dentistry that caters to people’s desires for a beautiful and healthy smile. The treatment options available in Winnipeg range from free consultations to Invisalign fixtures.

How Orthodontic Treatment Works

Orthodontics plays a significant role in bringing back the natural orientation of your teeth. They drastically reduce the incidence of TMJ disorders and a wide range of gum diseases. Advanced technology in the dental industry has opened up accessible and affordable options like the following:

  • Traditional braces
  • Clear braces
  • Removables
  • Orthodontic preventive treatments

You can find them in materials like plastics and ceramics, apart from the traditional elastic bands and metal wires. Depending on your comfort and requirements, you can opt for removable ones or permanent fixtures. By providing a constant yet gentle force to your teeth, jawbone adjustment is facilitated with accuracy. The duration of the treatment depends on your orthodontist and other factors like degree misalignment, age, and eating.

Appropriate Timing of Orthodontic Treatment

For many years, braces used to be a teenage thing with lower technology in practice. Orthodontics was done for teenagers who lost their milk teeth, and the new set was misaligned. Read more about 6 Great Ways You Can Improve Your Smile Regardless of Your Age.

A common misconception is that there are not many orthodontic treatment options for adults, as they are past the age of teeth growth and subsequent alignment. However, this is very far from the truth. Thanks to science and the immense efforts of dentists worldwide, adults can now achieve the beautiful smile they couldn’t afford in their time.

Winnipeg is known as the transportation hub of Canada. Every citizen of Winnipeg consumes more than 5-6 ounces of cola, which is a primary reason for tooth decay and dental health issues. The CDCP reports about 70% of North Americans and Canadians to have periodontal diseases, and the numbers are higher for people above 65.

The reason orthodontics in Winnipeg is reliable is their immense regulation and rich technological experience tailored to fit your comfort zones. Their CT scans use cone beams, providing a comprehensive three-dimensional view of your mouth. Winnipeg dentistry has advanced methods for safe wisdom tooth removal as well.

Early Orthodontic Treatment Options

Early orthodontic treatments help prevent misalignment for teenagers whose permanent teeth are still under development.

Early care can prevent chronic jaw pain disorders and gum diseases. Issues like dental crowns, malocclusion, exposed gums, and inflammation will be taken under good hands. There are several treatments available at your doorstep, which include the following:

  • Space Maintainers
  • Lower Lingual Arch
  • Mouth Guards
  • Night Guards
  • Retention Treatments
  • Orthognathic Surgery

A consultation is imperative before any treatment. Professional orthodontists conduct a diagnosis of your mouth and jawbone structure and open up a wide array of treatment options from which you can benefit. They assist you regarding braces requirements and the types suitable for such conditions.

Braces Damage Prevention

Food restrictions are unavoidable when having aligners, especially front-facing ones. Generally, avoiding foods that require you to bite from the front of your teeth is best. They can damage the appliances and put you in uncomfortable situations where food is stuck in your teeth. Here are some foods that should be avoided when using metal-wired ones:

  • Starch-filled foods (Bagels)
  • Chewy foods (Hard rolls and cheese)
  • Crunchy foods (Crisps)
  • Sticky foods (Toffees and caramel)
  • Hard foods (Tacos and nuts)


Now that you know the basics of orthodontics, you must select a reputed and authentic dental clinic to solve your dental issues. Always choose a center that offers several payment options, free consultations, and a homely yet professional atmosphere.

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