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How To Dress Better At Seasonal Weddings?

by Eric

It is almost impossible to make up your mind when you are about to attend a wedding. You do not wish to be overdressed! You do not wish to be underdressed! You do not wish to be that woman in white (who is not the bride!).

There is so much which goes on when it comes to dressing yourself for a wedding. Should you be wearing that favorite black dress, or will it be too inauspicious for a wedding?

These are some of the endless thoughts which are conjuring your mind as you rummage through your closet to find the best outfit. You do not wish to buy a brand new dress? Then you have reached the right place.

In this excerpt below, we will be talking about four dress choices for each seasonal wedding. These will be elegant and practical, and you can easily make an outfit with the ones you already have in your closet.

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Choice For Every Season

Here are some of the popular choices which can help you pick an outfit. We will give you fashionable and pragmatic choices based on the season or based on the location of the wedding.

1. Summer Wedding

Summer weddings, especially if you live somewhere with hot summer months, could be a sweaty business. You do not wish to boil alive inside your heavy dress, but at the same time, you can wear a beach dress even if it is a beach wedding.

Weddings, in general, are a formal occasion. So, why not go with a lightweight cocktail dress, something which accentuates your body. If it is during the daylight, then steer away from the color black, and go for nudes and pastels.

Accentuate your look with accessories like hats, and do not forget to carry deodorants and sunscreens for a summer wedding.

2. Spring Wedding

This is the perfect season to attend a wedding because you can bring the vibrant elements of the season into your outfit as well. Yes, light floral dresses are a choice and pastel shirts for gentlemen.

However, the comfortable weather also allows you to experiment with different styles. If it is an evening occasion, then you can go bold and add light sheer to your dress. It doesn’t have to be blinding, but just a little bling. Get that sheer long bodycon you thought you would never wear.

Spring is the season of colors, so any color you choose will go with the theme. However, since it is a wedding, try to stay away from bridal colors.

3. Fall Wedding

Every time anything autumn comes to our mind; the warm tones come to mind. Save all the long dresses for your fall wedding invitation. Plus, there is no harm in experimenting with the darker tones now.

If you are dying to wear that red dress, bring that out for this wedding. You can accessorize with light shawls, but keep the weather in mind. For a Fall wedding, do not forget to carry an umbrella. Read more about Picking a Wedding Dress that Fits according to Body Type.

4. Winter Wedding

Do not worry; your dress wouldn’t be covered with woolen wear, as long you know what to wear. However, if it is a winter wedding, we suggest you concentrate more on the woolen wears than the dress. Like get some chic coats and jackets for the gentleman, and the ladies can go for heavy shawls, faux fur, and even ponchos.

If you are somewhere where it snows, get your practical shoes.

Things To Remember!

Here are some of the common details you should remember when you are picking an outfit for attending someone’s wedding.

  • Try to keep it simple and classy. Something which will not steal the show from the bride and groom.
  • Go for heavy dark colors only when attending the wedding at night. If it is a bright morning, try light-tone sober colors. However, black could be an exception. Dark colors are okay in the morning when you are attending a fall wedding.
  • If it is a beach wedding, remember the breeze is going to be heavy. Do not wear something which might cause you a wardrobe malfunction.
  • Carry umbrellas because no matter how much the weather report says ‘no,’ we can never really trust the weather.
  • Carry a dye pen because there is food and kids around you. Spills are common and okay, as long as it is not permanent. So, ensure you do not let it stain permanently, and take action.

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