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by Eric

Temecula is the city of southwestern Riverside Country, California, United States. This city was called Rancho California but was named Temecula in 1989. This city is very famous because of its beautiful destinations. And Temecula wedding venues are also very famous for their services and attracts more tourist towards themselves. The name “Temecula” is derived from the Indian word “temecunga”. The complete meaning of the word Temecula means “Where the sun breaks through the mist”. Read more about How many people should I invite to my wedding?

Temecula wedding venues:

There are many wedding venues in Temecula, but we have discussed the 14 most beautiful and best wedding venues. The name of these famous venues are discussed below:

  • California ranch company (CRC Ranch) Temecula
  • Morgan Estate
  • Cross Greek Golf Club
  • Europa Village Temecula
  • Lorimar Vineyards and Winery
  • Gershon Bachus Vintners
  • South coast winery resort
  • Galway downs by Wedge wood weddings
  • Wilson creek winery
  • Mount Palomar winery
  • Temecula Creek Inn
  • Lake Oak Weddings and Events

Detail of some famous Temecula wedding venues are discussed below:

  1. California Ranch Company Temecula:

It has two types of spaces for the arrangement of weddings, one is indoor and the other is park ceremony. The costs of both these ceremonies are different.  Park ceremonies cost almost $2,000 or more per event and indoor ceremonies cost $5,000 or more per event. The cost of this venue is almost $1,000 per hour and $135 per person. They have a capacity of almost 300 guests. And their service charges are 22%.

  1. Morgan Estate:

This venue is located on almost 20 acres of land. It is a historically decorated rose garden. Their fees generally start from $7,200 to $10,300 per event. They provide a dressing area, cleaning service, catering, and many other services. Fees can be increased or decreased it is not fixed because fees depend upon your requirements. Their service charges are 18%. They have the capacity for a maximum of 200 guests.

  1. Cross creek Golf Clubs:

They provide two types of arrangements, open-air arrangements, and indoor arrangements. They start off the function with a party or treat for the guests. They provide special packages for their customers. There is a simple package in which basic requirements are satisfied such as clean up, set up, dance floor, bartender, and many other basic services. It’s totally your choice that you get the service of the venue catering or arrange your own catering service according to your choice and budget.

They have the capacity for almost 300 guests and they may charge $97 per person. The venue services are provided a maximum of five hours but if you need more time then you have to pay extra. They may charge $300 per additional hour. They may charge $75 per person excluding the catering service. Their service charges are 12%. some people like the dance floor under the canopy but some like to dance under the stars.

Details of many wedding venues are available on the net so you can easily find their details on the internet.

Tips to find the best wedding venue:

There are many wedding venues but it is difficult to choose the right one because everyone is more beautiful than the other and we become confused that which one is right for you. Then,  in this article, you’ll find answers to the questions that come to your mind when you have to choose a venue for your wedding.

  • Select that one that is according to your budget.
  • Do some google search and see the best venues near you and the services provided by them. Then read the reviews given to these venues by their customers.
  • See how many guests they can handle easily.

Price of Temecula wedding venues:

You should spend a maximum of $5,000 for wedding venues and a minimum of $2,000. Price of different venues are different because the price depends upon the following factors:

  • Time is taken for the ceremony.
  • Space covered.
  • List of guests.
  • Type of the decoration you want.
  • Day of the week.
  • Type of ceremony you want indoor or outdoor.


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