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6 Fail-Proof Tips to Finding the Perfect Wedding Shoes

by Eric

Most brides-to-be panic and worry a lot about their wedding dresses, hair, and makeup when planning out their wedding ensemble. But among the long list of bridal accessories, they tend to overlook their wedding shoes.

Finding the perfect pair of shoes is an essential part of your wedding ensemble. While some brides equally fuss over their shoes as they would their wedding dresses, others want simplicity and comfort.

Whichever category you fall under, shopping for shoes should be a top priority. So, to help you make the right decisions, here are some tips to guide you on your shopping journey.

Understand your style:

The first tip is to understand your style. Many brides may want to feel sophisticated, demure, and regal on their wedding day, but that’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

To feel confident, you need to find a pair of footwear that matches your style. For instance, if you’re going for a more vintage look, you can find shoe inspiration from the same era. But if you’re keener on having a more modern and contemporary look, you can look for bridal footwear that suits that style better.

Having a style in mind narrows your search for the perfect shoes. Plus, it ensures consistency with your personality, which is an important factor during your wedding.

Match it with the dress:

If you are having a hard time distinguishing your unique style, another tip is, to look at your gown. Pay attention to the details and embellishments that can be echoed in your shoes. Materials like tulle, satin, or lace can be your starting point when searching for the perfect shoes.

That said, it’s important to lock in your dress before you go shopping for your shoes. This way, you can guarantee that both items match.

Don’t leave it for last:

Although shopping for shoes comes after the dress, it’s important not to leave it for last. In fact, you should be shopping for them relatively within the same time frame as the rest of your ensemble. Having your dress and shoes on hand early on can help you complete the look with a clearer image during your fittings and alterations.

Throughout your dress fittings, your dressmaker can tailor your dress to fit the height of your wedding shoes to give you an overall polished look. Read more about 5 year anniversary gift ideas for your loved ones

Don’t say yes to the shoes without trying them out:

Shopping online for shoes has become a popular and convenient way to find the shoes you want. But never commit to them without trying them first. Even if the bridal footwear you’re eyeing looks fabulous on the website, it might not look the same when you put it on. So, to avoid making regrettable (and perhaps costly) mistakes, it’s much better to see and try the shoes for yourself before you make a final decision.

Consider your venue:

Finally, the last tip is to consider your venue. Are you planning an outdoor wedding or a church wedding? Will you be walking on solid ground or grass? Will the floors be even or crooked? These questions are essential to determine which shoes are perfect for your wedding day.

Because weddings are special, you would not only want to look good but feel good as well. No bride wants to walk down the aisle in pain due to having the wrong footwear. So, when you’re shopping for shoes, consider the height and width of your shoes. Higher and thinner heels tend to put more pressure on your feet than lower and chunkier heels. If you want to, you can also opt for bridal flats for the ultimate comfort.

Don’t forget about comfort:

Nowadays, brides are no longer limited to heels on their wedding day. They can wear whatever they want. So, as a tip, make sure to value both style and comfort when shopping for shoes. Only then you can truly enjoy your special occasion.

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