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Ways to find a Game Stop near me

by Eric

“Game stop” is an American video game company which is famous all over the world. This company was first founded as Babbage’s in 1984 in Dallas and later in 1999 it was given the name of “ game stop”.This company has made almost 4,815 stores out of which three thousand one hundred and ninety-two are in the United States, two hundred and fifty-three are in Canada, 417 are in New Zealand and Australia and almost 950 are in Europe. As you can see from its branches that how popular is this company.  And we shall give you some tips that how can you find the best game stop near me.

History of game stop:

A short history of the game stop company is described in some points below:

  • Babbage’s ( 1984-1994 )
  • Neo star retail group ( 1994-1996 )
  • Babbage’s ( 1996-1999 )

The game stop is the largest gaming shop for X box, play station, and Nintendo games systems. BOSTON  is an investor that invested in this game and help a lot in making this game famous all over the world. In this article, we will discuss and everything about game stops. Read more about MissQGemini on people calling her a cheater.

Ways to find a game stop near me:

There are many easy ways to find a game stop near me. Some of the simple methods are discussed below in detail:

  • Firstly, you should enter your location on google then it will show you the game stops that are near to you.
  • There is an app specially designed for helping you in finding the nearest game stops. You should install the game stop locator app. Then enter your city name, zip code, and search. Then select the one which you think best.
  • You can also get help from your neighbor or from your relatives who know about Game stop. Because they are well aware of your taste and choice so only your near and dear can guide you in a better way.
  • Addresses, phone numbers, and reviews of game stops are present on the internet, soo it helps you a lot in knowing everything about game stops.
  • Firstly read the reviews given to the game shops by the customers and then choose anyone. Also, check the costs that they charge per game.
  • Turn on your GPS and use Google Maps to find a game stop near me.

Successful years of game stop company:

This company bought EB games in the year 2005 for $1.44 billion and after buying EB games the game stop company became famous in Australia, Europe, New York, and the United States. In 2007, this company bought Rhino video games and they bought movie stops from the owners in 2004 and hand over them to their owners again in 2012 which opened 42 new locations. But these movie stops were bought by Merchandising executive  Joel Weinshanker ( who was the owner of hastings entertainment ). Dematteo was the CEO of this company in 1996 but he was replaced in 1997 and Joniel was made the new CEO.

In 2008, they bought french video game retailers for almost $700 million. In the beginning, this company has no store in France but now it had almost 332 stores.

Management changes:

J.Paul Raines was made CEO of game stop company in 2010 but in 2017 due to a brain tumor he resigned from the company and some management changes occur.

Effect of covid-19 on game stop near me:

The covid-19 affect the life of all the people (students, businessmen, etc ). It also badly affected the game stop company because Govt. declared to close all the stores related to this company. They have to bear a loss of $168 million due to covid-19. During the corona pandemic, they continued their activities online.

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