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Best grenade spots dust 2

by Eric

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Different tips for winning the best grenade spots dust 2: To win any game, you need to know each and everything about its rules well. And to win the game you have to have a lot of tips that make you better than others. Some of the most important tips, that you must keep in your mind while playing, are as follows:

  • You should be aware of blue tanks as they may have enemies behind them. You can also use these tanks to hide in case of any danger or emergency.
  • When any kind of flashlight comes on, create smoke there and run away. Before creating smoke, check where the enemies are hiding and then take advantage of the smoke to attack them.
  • Even if you do not arrive at your location on time,  you should still flash the flashlight repeatedly to deceive your enemies. And when they see your flashlights and get out of their places, attack them and kill them. In this way, you can win this game very easily.

How the best grenade spots dust 2 maps are helpful?

There are many maps present in grenade spots dust but the dust 2 map is the most latest version of these maps. This map gives you all the important instructions about the routes, you have to follow to completion of your game, by killing all the opponents. You must understand the main points of the map so that you can get familiar with the dangerous and risky points at your level. Dust 2 map is the most stable and efficient map among all the maps of CS: GO (Counter Strike Global Offensive). It enables its users to be able for participating in different tournaments.

Parts of the best grenade spots dust 2 map:

This map is further divided into three main parts having different lanes according to the requirement of the game. Those parts are as follows:

  • Tunnels connecting T Spawn to bombsite B
  • A tunnel connecting T Spawn to CT Spawn and catwalk
  • Long connecting T Spawn to bombsite A

Here we will discuss a little bit about these parts, so that we may be able to know each and everything about the game to gain fame.

What happens at T spawn?

As our mission in this game is to clear all the terrorists, so we must know about their locations and plans. They usually gather and go inside the tunnels (having the purpose of attacking bombsite B), and for this purpose, they have to take the path from long tunnel A. Those terrorists are suicide bombers, so you must be aware of their actions. Don’t use such paths for attacking them, because it may be risky for you. And always choose a safe and secure route to attack.

What happens at bombsites A and B?

Best grenade spots dust 2 has these two bomb sites,  which are usually the most common target of the terrorists. When T spawn is finished, then bombsite A starts, which is also a long tunnel, having many boxes placed inside it. Another bombsite is also connected to this long tunnel by two different doors and a window. This area also contains many boxes, which are used for defense purposes against the attacks of terrorists. You can hide behind these boxes.

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