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MSI afterburners are used for gaming purposes. It is reliable and is available for free. MSI stands for Micro-Star International, a Taiwanese technology company specializing in computer hardware.

How to install MSI afterburner?

Before knowing all the features of MSI graphics card, you should know how it is installed? The method of installing MSI afterburner is simple. You have to search for the latest version of MSI afterburner on the website of MSI. You can get its older versions from the file house. You just need to search for its latest version, after doing so, it will ask you whether you want to download or install MSI afterburner or not, and start downloading. When the download is complete, instructions will be shown, which you have to follow while using the MSI graphics card. RTSS software is not important for the functionality of your  MSI afterburner, but it permits you to show statistics and frame rates overlaid during games. So, it’s totally up to you whether you download this software or not. Read these instructions with great care because these instructions are important.

Purpose of MSI afterburner:

The main purpose of this graphic card is that it provides you with all the current information on your system’s performance. It helps you to have a look at all things you are doing while gaming. It also keeps an eye on the effect of your overclocking settings while gaming.

Benefits of using MSI graphics card?

There are many benefits of using MSI graphics cards, but some main uses are described below, which can help you to know each and everything about it.

  • MSI Afterburner provides the following features, such as built-in bench-marking and it can also capture screenshots while gaming.
  • With the help of its bench-marking feature, you can test the performance of your graphics card in different frameworks while, with the help of the screenshot capturing feature, you can capture different moments of your games. You can also share your gaming moments with your friends or team members by sharing screenshots with them. In this using MSI afterburner makes your gaming more entertaining and enjoy full.
  • The users also get the facility to fine-tune the program according to their requirements. For example, you can choose what the hotkeys do, what the overlay looks like, and how often data is refreshed. With the help of this feature, you can do your work easily according to your own will. Read more about How to design the ideal poster in 4 steps?

How to use MSI afterburner?

After installing its next step is to understand how to use it. Here we have discussed in detail how to use an MSI graphics card:

Step 1:

The first step after installing it is to click on the “Settings” button, this button is present on the top of the right corner. Then check settings and make sure that the “Enable low-level hardware access” setting is enabled. Also, allow the “unlock voltage control”. this feature will provide you with complete control over the voltages of the graphics card.

Step 2:

The next step is to click on the “Monitoring” tab. Then make changes according to your needs.

Step 3:

The next step is to click on the “overclocking “button. By clicking on it you can speed up the voltage and clocking speed of your graphics cards.

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