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by Eric

Louis Vuitton is a famous brand that made different products such as leather goods, handbags, trunks, shoes, watches, jewelry, and accessories. It is the most profitable brand all over the world. A French-holding multinational corporation known as LVMH owns this brand. This company was founded in 1825 by Louis Vuitton but Louis Vuitton artsy was released in 2010. Artsy, formally known as Art.sy Inc is a New York City-based online art brokerage.

Features of Louis Vuitton Artsy bag:

There are many reasons to choose these products as they have many outstanding features, some of them are discussed below shortly:

  • These bags have six inner simple pockets and one zipped pocket. So, there are many inner safe pockets where you can put your things easily.
  • These bags have a monogram
  • These bags have textile lining that increases their beauty.
  • These bags are mostly black in color and they have gold color hardware.
  • These bags have a key bell with a key ring and hook.
  • These bags have four protective metal bottom studs that increase their charm.

Artsy bags

Following are the artsy bags:

  • Artsy MM Monogram Empreinte embossed leather (its style code is M43237 ).
  • Artsy Monogram Canvas MM (its course code is M44869 ).

How to authenticate the real Louis Vuitton artsy?

If you want to know, how to check that your Louis Vuitton artsy bag is genuine or not, then following are the guidelines by the experts that must be followed. These are simple things that can help you to distinguish between real and fake products.

  1. Check the stitching:

First thing is to check the stitching design and color. Experts count the number of stitches at a place to check whether the product is genuine or not. Stitching on a real artsy is always in yellow color on the trim and in brown color on the leather.

  1. Check the stamp:

The second thing, that you must check is the stamp. A stamp is a sign of originality. Stamps are present on the inner side of the bag. In the beginning, these products were made only in Paris therefore “Louis Vuitton Paris ” is printed as a stamp. But now it is made in different countries so their names can also be used. You can also check the stamp spells or their styles. The lettering of the stamp is always thin and crisp. Read more about Gucci High Top Sneakers.

  1. Date stamp:

Two types of stamps are present, one is a stamp of brand name and the other is of date. You can also check the date stamp to authenticate its originality. Compare the date stamp country to the country.

  1. Check the quality of hardware used:

You should look in front of the inside pocket. The hardware of real Louis Vuitton must be in a D-like shape but the hardware of fake products might be in a round shape.

  1. Leather strips:

These hanging leather strips are also a way to distinguish the real or fake.

  1. Check the design of the logo:

Fake products have different logos. In the Logo of a real artsy bag, the letter L should always be lower than the letter V. Letters are aligned imperfectly.

Check the above-mentioned points to authenticate the real Louis Vuitton artsy. Surely, these points would be helpful to all of you in selecting the right product.

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