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Launching a Beauty Product: 3 Key Actions for Success in Today’s Market

by Eric

Admittedly, many things – assets, product lifecycle management software, focus groups, communication apps, and legal – contribute so that any product is successful on the market. Still, certain things have to go particularly right for a beauty product launch; you want to take certain actions if you’re going to nail it. What actions? 

Here are 3 tips for you. 

Strategic Branding and Positioning

Honestly, the beauty industry is incredibly crowded. And while that certainly doesn’t mean launching a new beauty product, it does mean that strategic branding and positioning are as key as ever.  You want to stand out in a sea of beauty products, similar to yours or not. 

So, hone in on what it is that makes your product different, even if it’s a single special ingredient. Then, use it to tell a story that hits anyone in your target audience in the feels and leaves them with an impression. Speaking of impressions, it’s a good idea to invest in packaging that screams your compelling brand story and catches your eyes as well. 

Say you’ve got a skincare soap with a standout ingredient from Yana, India. Your USP? “Ethically Sourced Yana Botanicals.” You want to get into the story of sustainability and botanicals in Yana for anyone who will listen.

Influencer Marketing and Social Media Engagement

Chances are that a very significant number of your target audience is online and so you want to make social media engagement a huge priority. Now, social media influencers do have power and there’s a reason why practically every big-name brand has contracts with several influencers. 

Take a cue and find influencers who fit your brand identity. Then, work with them to cook up truly interesting content that’s both eye-catching and informative. For example, if you’re launching a vegan concealer, you want to only partner with influencers who are very vocal about cruelty-free and vegan beauty. 

Customer Education and Trial Opportunities

Smart customers make informed choices and that’s why education plus trial opportunities is one of the best ways to launch a lot of products. Take things a step further. Talk about your product on your website, socials, and emails but don’t stop there. Let people get hands-on with your product whether that’s through fun in-store events or even a VR experience.  

For example, say your product is real hemp hair food. Why not cue up a website section breaking down the key ingredients, their perks, and how to use them with a fast-paced video infographic? Maybe even toss in sample-size sets in a “Try Before You Buy” promo. Launching a beauty product is often truly nerve-wracking. Still, it all becomes worth it when a product succeeds on the market so try out these tips for your product launch; a step in the right direction. 

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