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Where should you move to in 2022: top US states to settle?

by Eric

Are you considering moving? if yes, then you might be looking for an ideal location to relocate to in the US. If yes, then here you will get to know about the best places in the US to settle down. Usually, the metro areas are considered the best because there are a lot of job opportunities, nearby amenities, desirability, and cost of living. In this article, we’ll guide you about the best us states for settling in 2022.

Though the place to relocate for one is different from another. This is because of the different needs of different people. For some happy residents matter while for another health rate or someone else access to the amenities and best schools. As the needs are different so this list is based on ranking. So, it is time to hire one of the best national moving companies at Moving Apt, the leading moving service broker, so that you can relocate with success to the desired place. Check out this list:

Austin, Texas:

The advantage of relocating here is that it is equipped with lots of educational attainment and the job market is also great here. People here are living happily and they like to enjoy outdoor activities, especially with their dogs. The place has a contagious vibrancy and enthusiasm which makes it a perfect place to live.

Colorado Springs, Colorado:

The place has been ranked higher because it is equipped with nationally ranked colleges and military bases. It has become a great destination to live with its low living cost and unemployment rate. It has become a thriving destination for residents. The proximity to great skiing makes it a perfect destination for people who are in love with the beauty of nature.


The higher job market and the high desirability among US residents make it a perfect place to live in. It still ranks number 6 in the most populous cities. The place has the fifth-highest individual annual salary which makes it a great place to relocate there.

Sarasota, Florida:

The place has incredible weather around the year. The weather of the place is attracting people towards it. This is a wonderful draw for celebrities, families, and retirees.

Melbourne, Florida:

The high rapid population growth of the city is because of the better-quality life of the people living here. Even during the pandemic and after the pandemic, the population growth is increasing. It has a job market that sustained itself better than the other metro areas.

San Francisco:

The strong job market is ideal for it. Even when during the coronavirus pandemic, when the entire country took an employment hit still this place has a lot of job opportunities for the people. Therefore, it has become a good place for people who are looking for a suitable job opportunity to grab.

Boise, Idaho:

When a person wants a combination of both city life and natural beauty then this is just an ideal option for one to stay or relocate. It is bustling downtown which is surrounded by stunning mountains and makes everything around beautiful and amazing. The place also has lots of dining and cultural options.

Portland, Maine:

The place ranks number one out of the most populous metro areas in terms of low crime rates. This makes it a perfect place to move. In 2020 there were zero murders and just 900 property crimes out of 100,000 people as per data proved by the FBI. It also has good points in terms of the well-being index of the people.

Salt lake city:

The place scores higher for house affordability because here you can get the home on a very affordable day. Though the city has lower employment still you can grab a suitable job for yourself if you put effort. Apart from that, nature’s beauty is attracting visitors towards it.

Melbourne, Florida:

In the last year from 2021 to 2022, the metro city has ranked from 22nd position to directly 7th position. The place is the home to many great engineers, and scientists who are working in the aerospace industry. The people living have technical and high-flying careers makes it a perfect place to attract other people too who are looking to establish a good career in the future. It ranks 5th in terms of college readiness among high school students out of 150 populous states.

Wrapping it all up!

When choosing a place to relocate, there are many things that you need to consider such as affordability and career opportunities. Apart from these two, you have to look at the other options like access to quality education, health care facility, crime rates, desirability, schools, community, and much more. Now with the help of this list, you can pick the right place for you to live in 2022 so that you don’t need to relocate over and over again. Though the best place to live is completely dependent on your choice.

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