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How to cancel Lyft ride without being charged?

by Eric

It is a ride service that offers you to send a ride request to drivers located in your surrounding area. Sometimes you book a Lyft ride, but after some time you change your decision and decide to cancel the Lyft ride, then you can cancel it, but there are some conditions for doing so.

In some cases, you have to pay a cancellation fee (if you cancel your ride after a week or more then you are charged) and in some cases, you are not charged (if you cancel your ride after two to three minutes of booking, you are not charged).

How to cancel Lyft ride without being charged?

There are different reasons to cancel Lyft rides like if you change your plan, delay your departure time, or many other reasons. Then you can cancel a Lyft ride by using the app “Lyft app” which is available for both iPhone and Android phones. In some cases, you can be charged (which means that you have to pay a cancellation fee), but here we are going to discuss the method by which you don’t need to pay a cancellation fee. So, read this method carefully.

These are the simple steps that you have to follow to knowing how to cancel Lyft ride:

Step 1:  If you decide to cancel your Lyft ride the first step is to open the Lyft app and then click on the “Edit ride” button located at the bottom left corner of your phone’s screen.

Step 2:  Then click on cancel ride.

Step 3:  Next step is the confirmation step, in this step two options will be shown on your screen either to cancel the ride or don’t cancel the ride. You have to click on the red colored cancel ride button if you want to cancel Lyft rides.

Step 4:  After confirmation, your ride is canceled successfully.

But cancel it as quickly as you can, if you late it for more than 3 to 4 minutes then you have to pay cancellation fees.

How late can you cancel a Lyft ride?

Many people have questions that when they can cancel their ride. The answer is you can cancel your Lyft ride anytime after booking a ride. But there are two conditions while doing so. Read more about The Different Electric Bike Frames You Need to Know About.

First, you are charged and in the second one, you are not charged. It totally depends upon the time and how late you are canceling your booking. You are not charged until you are not matched with a driver but if you are matched with a driver then you have to pay a cancellation fee.

What is the cancellation fee for Lyft ride?

There is a schedule for the cancellation fees of Lyft rides. It varies in different cases. If your driver arrives at the location you have mentioned, but you won’t be there within five minutes, then your driver cancels the Lyft ride himself and you are charged to pay $10 as a fee. So keep all these conditions in mind while booking or canceling a Lyft ride. You are also charged if you cancel more than three or four rides within 15 minutes.

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