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Why People Choose To Become Tradies

by Eric

Becoming a tradie is increasingly becoming a popular choice when it comes to careers. More people are realizing the benefits associated with the life of a tradie, such as more freedom, capacity to earn, flexible work hours, and more.

When you choose to become a tradie, you start earning right from your apprenticeship stage. You can also choose between various career paths, and even decide whether you want to be a hired employee, freelancer, or eventual business owner. With various possibilities for the future and job stability to boot, here is why people are choosing to become tradies.

  1. Earn While You Learn

For most jobs, you will require some form of associated degree. If you want to become an engineer, then you should have a corresponding engineering degree, and so on. Often, these courses can run up costs in the thousands of dollars, leaving students strapped with debt. These courses can also take three or more years to finish, depending on the course.

To become a tradie, all you need is a high school diploma. That’s not to say that there isn’t any training or learning associated with becoming a tradie. After you finish school, you’ll have to join a tradie apprenticeship program. This involves completing a set number of credits as well as course hours, a work placement program, as well as final assessments and exams.

After clearing all these, you can apply for your tradie license. Your tradie license will typically be specific to your vocation, such as an electrician’s tradie license for electricians. Through the learning phase, however, you will be able to earn a nominal salary. This is through your work placement program.

So, you start earning even as an apprentice to a tradie.

  1. Flexible Work Hours

For tradies, there are no regular work hours. That means that if you don’t want to do a 9 to 5 job, then becoming a tradie can feel more freeing. You also don’t have to sit behind a cubicle, but can instead go to job sites regularly.

If you choose to become a subcontractor or freelance tradie, then you stay in control of your work schedule. That means that you need to meet project managers, bid for work, and then meet your contractual obligations.

Many tradies, after getting a few years worth of experience, choose to open their own tradie businesses. If you choose this option, you can run your own tradie business and manage your schedule completely by yourself.

  1. Job Stability

Many people want job stability. Even during harsher economic climates, job stability can ensure that you and your loved ones get by safely. Tradie jobs offer that sense of security and stability. This is as many of the jobs done by tradies are essential and can’t be avoided.

Problems with electricity need to be dealt with whenever they arise, same with plumbing, wall maintenance, and other tradie professions. There is almost always a demand for new construction projects, and so on. This means that even during bad economic climates, a tradie is still likely to have consistent work.

There is also no fixed pay, as how much you earn can change from month to month is you’re a subcontractor or freelancer. In these cases, the amount you earn depends on the work you finish. You can choose to do more or less work, depending on your circumstances.


  1. Possibility for Growth

Emerging technology and innovation are readily adopted inside the tradie profession. This gives you room to learn new skills and grow in your career. Electricians, for example, are increasingly having to learn how to work with smart technology.

As a tradie, having unique skill sets can also set you apart from your competition. If you choose to become a tradie, then the possibility for career growth is tremendous. A growth-oriented mindset can enable you to reach your success milestones as a tradie. Another way to increase security in your life is with tradie insurance. Learn how tradie insurance can help you protect your career as a tradie.


The life of a tradie offers more freedom, both when it comes to how much work you do and what you earn. You’ll find regular work, as most tradie jobs are usually in demand. From earning right as you learn as an apprentice to various lucrative career options in the future, becoming a tradie will enable you to lead a secure life.

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