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15 top Highest Paying Jobs With Master’s Degree

by Eric

The level you attain in education can substantially impact your career choices and potential earnings. However, people get Master’s degrees for different reasons. Some look forward to acquiring more knowledge and skills to advance their chosen career. Some people pursue it to make a switch of jobs or industries as a whole.

Other people pursue a postgraduate education for more pay. Either it is a more lucrative job in their present field or a different career in a more rewarding industry. These monetary advantages can understandably be a game-changer for potential students. It was reported that people with Master’s degrees earn about 28% more than those with Bachelor’s. However, this may not be true for all professions. This is why this article is written to uncover some of the highest-paying jobs with a Master’s degree.

What Does A Master’s Degree Mean?

A master’s degree is a postgraduate-level academic qualification given to people who have successfully gone through a study, displaying an elevated level of aptitude in a particular area of expert practice. A graduate degree is a viable option for individuals who need more knowledge in a particular field to develop their professional possibilities or switch to other areas of interest.

Why Do Experts Make More With A Master’s Degree?

This question, “Why do I need a master’s degree?” might be on your mind as you are about to peruse this article. The answer is that professionals often pursue a postgraduate degree to get the required training in their field of study, particularly if they are looking to specialize in an area in the field. Apart from the needed skills, you also obtain the required credentials for job options and eye-catching pay.

Furthermore, a master’s degree helps you to build healthy networking opportunities as you meet brilliant and well-connected minds who can help you land your dream job at the end of your program. Knowing that a master’s degree is right for you on time helps you start with a relevant graduate course. Following are some high-paying jobs with a master’s degree. Sit back and enjoy.

Master Of Science In Nursing

Highest Paying Jobs With Master's Degree

A Master’s in Nursing is an essential postgraduate degree that helps you become a specialized and highly-paid registered nurse. It allows you to fit in many lucrative medical roles, such as physicians and surgeons. Another beautiful thing about it is that you don’t experience the many years of residencies and medical degrees needed by these other medical roles.

Furthermore, Nursing has become unique with the increasing demand for quality masters in healthcare. It is a result of the intensive labor peculiar to this job that it is demanded extensively and, in turn, attracts eye-catching pay. An advanced degree in Nursing that puts you in leadership positions and other advanced registered nurse roles often rewards you with significant pay. Such jobs include Nurse anesthetists, Nurse Practitioners, Certified Nurse-midwives, and Clinical Nurse Specialists.

Engineering Manager

Many jobs in engineering are usually rewarded with good pay more than average. This is due to the tedious work involved and the risky atmosphere they often work in. Engineering managers are often involved in the planning, preparing, and coordinating of all business activities within engineering companies. Additionally, they are responsible for creating technical targets and techniques for such processes.

Whether the company is making new products or making sure an ongoing project is completed, engineering managers help to facilitate them. However, an entry-level engineering manager requires a Master’s degree in the discipline of engineering. Engineering managers can function in any engineering field, such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, etc.

Petroleum Geologist

Petroleum geologists are another job with a master’s degree that is well paid. They find large oil deposits for oil companies and sometimes the government, although oil companies often pay better. Usually, petroleum geologists have master’s degrees and, on a few occasions, doctorate degrees. ¬†However, you need to know that there are not many Universities that offer a program with a petroleum geologist master’s degree.

On this note, people with this master’s degree have a better chance of gaining employment than others in the oil sector. In addition, further certification is not required after a master’s degree, and you can earn handsomely immediately after graduate school.

Data Analyst

Data analysts are in high demand in the labor market due to their needed services. Virtually all areas of the industry require data analysts, which explains their high demand, hence their high pay. Data analysts are charged with analyzing many data and tracking the valuable ones to help move their organization forward. As a data scientist, you need to be versatile and broad in your thinking to arrive at fruitful conclusions from the enormous volume of information analyzed.

A master’s degree in this discipline improves your skills and gives you more experience. You can easily beat the competition when seeking employment and attract high pay.

Business Administrator

As a master’s degree holder in business administration, you can function in many capacities based on your choice and Master of Business Administration (MBA) specialization. Such roles include sales manager, chief financial officer, chief executive officer, marketing manager, business operation manager, etc.

MBA graduates are usually employed to occupy managerial positions in companies. Jobs like this entrust you with vital decision-making and management within organizations, and you have the opportunity to earn higher-than-average salaries.

Financial Manager

Financial managers often hold a postgraduate degree in Finance, Economics, or Business Administration. Many organizations usually desire master’s degree holders in any field because they help navigate budgets and other accounting procedures.

They give financial reports and predictions, offer strategic advice on investments to make, and develop means to assist the company with arriving at its proposed financial goals. Financial managers often work in banking and insurance organizations. Generally, financial managers are in charge of the economic status of any organization, and they earn an average salary of $134,000 per year.

Software Engineer

Highest Paying Jobs With Master's Degree

The world we are in today revolves around software engineering. Software Engineers make and maintain all sorts of software programs. Frequently, they build software for their organizations from the very bottom to completion.

The sophistication and high work rate in this occupation imply that most advanced software engineers must have graduate degrees. As a result, it makes software engineering one of the most incredible paying jobs with a master’s degree.

Like many other professions in the IT sector, becoming a software engineer does not necessarily need a master’s degree. Nevertheless, if, as a software engineer, you have a master’s degree, then your chance of getting into high-paying positions will be boosted. Other certifications in this field are also an added advantage.


Mathematics is one of the most lucrative graduate degrees in the U.S. However, the skill may be required by a broad range of industries. A postgraduate degree in Mathematics can land you jobs in government offices, where you will deal with policy propositions in light of statistics and surveys. Furthermore, in education, your focus will be on theoretical speculations.

A master’s degree in Applied Mathematics provides you with the skill set to know and apply complex mathematical concepts to healthcare, business, engineering, economics, and other industries. The significant need for this advanced knowledge in the labor market makes being a Mathematician a top-earning job.


A master’s degree in Economics opens a few lucrative job opportunities that are not easily accessible to applicants with only a graduate degree. As an Economist, you can work as a policy analyst, market researcher, economics forecaster, etc. An average salary of $129,000 is reported, and the employment projection is optimistic.

Management Consultant

Organizations usually bring management consultants to share their insights and experiences with the in-house managers. Management consultants frequently work with various organizations in a brief timeframe.

Be that as it may, the length of their work in each organization differs depending on the client’s wants and the consultant’s work style. Management consultants often set their prices, making them probably the most lucrative positions with a graduate degree. Another beautiful thing about this career is that you can take consulting work from different organizations and deliver it at a convenient time agreed to by the companies. In other words, your income is directly proportional to your productivity.

Getting an MBA degree is often a standard in this job as a management consultant. The average annual salary of this role is $87,000.

Operations And Supply Chain Manager

Unlike in the past, operations and supply chain management have gained popularity, and more institutions now offer master’s degrees in this field. Although it is unnecessary to have a master’s degree to work as an operation and supply chain manager, many employers now require it. A master’s degree in this field also helps get you many jobs. Hence, an immediate increase in the salary earned.

An operations and supply chain manager is a vital profession in the shipping sector. Experts in this discipline frequently work for retail companies to guarantee that the organization’s stores are supplied with customers’ desired items. Managers need to make sure shipments are made to the appropriate locations at the expected time. Additionally, they are often positioned to hold vendors responsible when loads are not delivered as expected. As a result, they are one of the most lucrative professions with a graduate degree.

Orthotist / Prosthetist

This profession is making it big in the world today. With the advancement of technology, people who lost their limbs to accidents now have the chance to live an improved life, all thanks to Orthotists and Prosthetists.

Orthotists design and fit braces, while Prosthetists are responsible for making and fitting prosthetic limbs. Usually, such braces and prosthetics stems are provided for a substantial amount of money, and salaries over $104,000 can be earned.

Genetic Counselor

A genetic counselor often is responsible for providing information and support to health workers as well as medical advice to patients. Genetic counselors evaluate people’s and families’ risk for specific health issues due to acquired diseased conditions. To be a genetic counselor, you need to obtain a master’s degree in genetics counseling. It is also a lucrative job with a master’s degree.

Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum engineers create and develop techniques to extract natural gas from the deposits below the earth’s crust. The job of a petroleum engineer is well rewarded financially and can never be out of sale since the world will always need energy.

Experts pursuing a master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering will accumulate knowledge in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Economics, and other needed disciplines. As a petroleum engineer, you can work as a petroleum geologist, drilling engineer, production engineer, and reservoir engineer. The average annual salary of this job is $82,000.

Cybersecurity Engineer

Everyday advancement in technology, sophistication, and expansion of hacking lately have dramatically raised the need for cybersecurity engineers. Thereby increasing their income simultaneously and making cybersecurity engineers one of the most lucrative positions with a graduate degree

Cybersecurity engineers track down threats and weaknesses in software and systems, then use their acquired skills to create and implement cutting-edge solutions to protect against hacking. Malware, insider threats, ransomware, identity theft, and other endless lists of cybercrimes are also curtailed. Cybersecurity does not necessarily need a master’s degree, but with it adequate experience, your career will get the boost it needs. Several other related certifications are highly prized in this field apart from the master’s degree.

Get A Master’s Degree Today

At this point, you must have been well informed about some master’s degrees that pay well, but the essence of this degree is beyond earning well.

When considering the postgraduate degree to pursue, make both your professional and personal goals priorities. Ensure that you acquire valuable skills and work experience to make you stand out among your contemporaries. Develop significant connection networks as you will come across them during your study. The IT field is an area to consider to earn handsomely, and a master’s degree in this area can propel you to top positions in the sector.

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